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Home » Lokhust Heavy Destroyers – Bitesized Necrons – 9th Edition Review

Lokhust Heavy Destroyers – Bitesized Necrons – 9th Edition Review

Lokhust Heavy Destroyers – Bitesized Necrons – 9th Edition Review
War Zone Nephilim – Warhammer 40k 9th Edition

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18 thoughts on “Lokhust Heavy Destroyers – Bitesized Necrons – 9th Edition Review”

  1. with AOC the anti-infanty weapon is joke! the anti-tank weapon is really good and always the way to go just let the warriors handle the enemy infanty,2 big problems for me why i keep these guys on the shelf is they are #1 SQUISHY!!! can very easily hide them turn one and move to get a shot off but after that they will die very fast,for example if they got shot by another heavy destroyer unit all 3 would most likely die as AP-4 will go straight threw your armor and the strenght 10 will wound you on 2+ and if they are next to a destoyer lord they get to reroll ones to wound so if you hit they with MWBD they the odds of you surviving at ALL is incredably low!! which brings me to reason #2 sure you can put them in cover and hit them with a chronomancer but then your other units are not getting the reroll charge bonus from the chonomancer and the 5+ will be useless if they get targeted by low AP weapons like autocannons or heavy bolters not to mention you are paying a big tax when you have a bunch of crytek babysitting these guys and i personally always feel really bad hitting them with MWBD because odds are high that you dont even roll ANY 2s so its wasted about 50% of the time. 3/5 stars good but not great outside of szarahkan dynasty.

  2. And I still don't approve of the Enmitic exterminator and Enmitic annihilator weapons, sadly.

    I would rather have them replaced with their Tesla counterparts as they were intended for the same role.

    But, as they are intended to fit the anti-hoard role they are essentially useless because Games Workshop decided every faction should be elite.

    I think I've just spent way too much money on this hobby to go back now…

  3. Know what else these guys are great for? Eating enemy CP when they want to reroll their save vs. that looming 3d3 damage roll. Great short vid. Inspired me to pick up 2 more and a technomancer and start parking them where they can threaten the table.

  4. This format is great! Perfect bite sized length, not too long, not too short. Don't always have the time to put on a 25 minute video, but these short ones are perfect for a quick break at work etc.

  5. Personally my thoughts on the Lokhust is that you can give them a Plasmacyte in case one dies off from a Skorpekh or Ophydian Unit OR use it for Canoptek actions, thus allowing the Lokhust to shoot and the Plasmacyte to stay safe and do an action for free VP.

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