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Home » M1 vs M2 iPad Pro 2022 – ULTIMATE Comparison!

M1 vs M2 iPad Pro 2022 – ULTIMATE Comparison!

Is Apple’s 2022 iPad Pro ALL about the M2 chip or is there more differences than you think?
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Timestamps ⬇️
M1 vs M2 iPad Pro 2022 – 00:00
Design Differences – 00:37
Apple Pencil Hover Feature – 01:27
Storage Speed Test – 03:37
Geekbench 5 CPU – 04:03
Web Browsing Speed – 05:35
Metal Graphics – 06:10
GFXBench Aztec Ruins Gaming – 06:44
3DMark Gaming Test – 08:02
Wifi Speed Test – 09:03
ProRes Video Editing – 10:13
Which iPad to Buy – 10:56

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20 thoughts on “M1 vs M2 iPad Pro 2022 – ULTIMATE Comparison!”

  1. – Benchmarks are useless marketing shit and they're not a valid measurement tool, raw performance is pretty useless when it comes to considering usability experience and everyday tasks power.

    – The M1 iPad's potential is already completely untapped considering the OS limits, and there are literally no games or applications who can really fully take advantage or put on test the M1, you can definitely figure how even more useless is to consider a "67% more powerful GPU".

    – Those prices are only applied in America, I guess there's a bunch of people from other parts of the world who can use YouTube and might follow your channel, so it would be nice to also consider that outside of the US the average starting price of a M2 iPad is at least 300$ more expensive than the American market, in Europe you're not gonna find one for less then 1069€, pretty massive price increase huh?
    For that insane price it's crazy to even consider buying one and I bet those guys are gonna have a hard time selling their products around the world if they keep on profiting over the inflation fooling consumers with fake useless updates.
    Since they also increased the price of the M1 iPad Air, making it even more expensive than a possible deal on a M1 iPad Pro, getting a discounted/refurbished M1 iPad pro is the best deal one could make if you want an iPad, period.

  2. The prices are ridiculous on those I bought the 2021 model for £1,050. IPad pro 12.9-inch . Now a few changes have been made a little bit quicker and they think it's worth £1.370. There is no point in having a Ferrari if you are stuck in a traffic jam. I haven't even used the power of mine there's no ios app that uses it. So what is the point?

  3. I would have really liked a battery comparison. Does the new iPad draw more power to provide the performance increase thus paying for it with battery life ?

  4. Hmm, well I think I will stick with my old 9.7 inch iPad Pro, for at least another year… I’m waiting for Apple to add a usb-c to the actual bottom of the ipad, to actually make ye whole ipad be able to download at usb-c speeds…

  5. Thanks for the great comparison! I had a chance to have both iPads side-by-side and the 2022 is noticeably dimmer?! I also took screen shots of your video and trimmed the screen out in Photoshop and 2022 is definitely a step darker. I think they're both supposed to be 600 nits. What gives? I noticed the lack of brightness before comparing side-by-side.

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