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M2 iPad Pro 2022 vs M2 MacBook Air – The BETTER Laptop?!

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The M2 chip is now in the iPad & the MacBook Air! Which one should you buy?

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Timestamps ⬇️
M2 iPad Pro vs M2 MacBook Air – 00:00
Design Differences – 00:15
Charging Speed – 01:45
Webcam & Mic Comparison – 03:44
Authentication – 04:11
Keyboards & Trackpads – 04:36
Display Comparison – 06:02
HDR Video & Blooming – 06:30
Speaker Comparison – 07:22
Storage Speed Test – 08:41
File Transfer Test – 09:23
Web Browsing Performance – 10:08
Geekbench 5 CPU – 10:31
Geekbench 5 Metal GPU – 11:20
3DMark Gaming Test – 11:46
Lightroom Photo Editing – 12:28
Operating Systems – 13:34
Battery Life Comparison – 15:44
Which One to Buy! – 16:40

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27 thoughts on “M2 iPad Pro 2022 vs M2 MacBook Air – The BETTER Laptop?!”

  1. Hey Max & team, thank you for your hard work! I love your in depth videos, but this video lacked some valid points in my opinion. For example you didn’t mention that the letterboxed area of the screen of the iPad Pro is much smaller when watching videos because of the aspect ratio. Your standard 16:9 video just looks much wider on the MacBook Air and I much prefer that, despite the inferior display quality. Secondly you didn’t talk about the big plus for the iPad that one can buy a 5G version, which you you obviously don’t get on the MacBook Air. Keep up your good quality! All the best, take care.

  2. There are many features about the iPad I like, but the iPad Pages app is annoying to me. I wish they would use a menu system like on the full program or, better yet, display the menus similar to Word.

  3. Unless you need the Apple Pencil, comparing 512GB models, to get the iPad Pro 12.9 with Magic Keyboard you’re gonna spend nearly the same for the significantly more powerful and functional base 14” MacBook Pro with current deals. Both are miniLED 120Hz displays, but the 14” MBP gets you bigger display, much more connectivity, better speakers, and full featured OS. I have the M1 12.9 iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard and the M1 MacBook Air, and I basically only use the iPad for watching videos/movies.

  4. iPad Pro is definitely inferior compared to MacBook and unless you are a Graphic Designer and use Apple Pencil it doesn’t make any sense to buy it. I have a Mac since 1984 and I use my iPad to see YouTube videos, for web browsing and to control my Home. Apple prices are CRAZY and here in Italy the iPad Pro is so expensive compared to Macs.

  5. A big thing for me is the sheer pleasure of using the device. The iPad Pro is just a lot more pleasurable to use with its touch interface, connecting you direct to whatever you are doing rather than through a touchpad or mouse. Plus the flexibility of the device to use as tablet when not working. Tech reviewers love to say that the iPad software is dumbed down, but for what most people do it every day use, that simpler software is an advantage to get what you want done without extra complications. I have used an iPad Pro, as my main device for the last five years, running an international business, plus photo and video editing, and playing music, and watching video and web browsing. It just provides everything I need.

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