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M2 iPad Pro – Why Apple is TROLLING everyone!

With the Apple M2 iPad Pro and iPad 10 announced yesterday… I don’t even need to buy this M2 iPad to know that this will be an absolute waste of money. But do you agree?

I understand that for some professionals out there who use specialist iPadOS 16 apps this will be a good upgrade, like artists, 3D modelling, maybe architects I am sure that will be fine as an upgrade.

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But do you think the new M2 chip is enough? Or is the M2 iPad Pro a tiny upgrade?

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33 thoughts on “M2 iPad Pro – Why Apple is TROLLING everyone!”

  1. I am FUMING!! After the last disappointment with the M1 iPad Pro, I was honestly expecting a lot more from Apple on the M2 iPad Pro. I am speaking from the heart here and apologies for the rushed aspect of this video. But let me know what you think of this new M2 iPad Pro, am I out of line? 👇🏼
    Have a great day🙏🏼

  2. Thank you for such an honest video. I've been an iPhone user since the first one. Mac user since early 2000's. Upgraded yearly on iPhones, and every 2 to 3 years on my mbp's. I did not see much difference between my iPhone 12 max and the 13 version. Neither with the 14. Other than pics would take a lot more storage. Pixels in photography is not everything. It's better to have bigger pixels than more pixels for light gathering… As for my mbp, mine is going on 5 years old. I thought the M chips would at least keep the size the same (and I actually do not want them to be thinner, physics and all), but they got fatter and heavier… Will hold off on the new iPhone until they go USB C. MBP's just got stupid expensive.

  3. Their approach is the same with iphone every year. Strategy does seem to work for them and consumers. I doubt annual product upgrades will ever really be astounding or groundbreaking tbh. Not sure what you were expecting.

  4. I have two sets of computers. One set is being used and has been working perfect since 2018. The other has been in the garage being used as shelf weight. Android and Microsoft work really good as shelf weights.

  5. Excellent video my friend. Your opinion is much appreciated. I myself have purchased well over 30 products from Apple going back to my first Apple product, the Performa 475 just when their very first external CD Rom drive came out in 1993. I have had almost every generation of iPod, a few iPhones, an iBook and around 8 different iPads. I had the first gen iPad Pro which was 12.5" and I found it very buggy. When the 2017 iPad Pro came out, I upgraded to the smaller size, and found that it was even more buggy and had touch screen lapses that I would have to wait sometimes up to a full 3 minutes before the screen would stop lagging enough to react to my touch. I only had it for 11 months when this had started and this would happen dozens of times an single hour. I also had a small white burn through mark on the screen. I finally took it to Apple who replaced it and I ended up with the exact same issues within 6 months time with the new one and by that point in time, my original warranty had expired. I still have the very buggy 2017 iPad Pro model but it collects dust as my new daily driver is my 2022 iPad Mini, which works just fine for me without all the messed up bugs.

  6. I found the M1 release from Intel was a HUGE upgrade, and big shoes to fill in the next. The M2 though with MacBooks and now M1 to the iPad having the same problem. It's not really a HUGE upgrade that can justifying paying another 1500+ 12 months later to upgrade.

    Personally I am sticking to my A15 iPad and M1 MacBook Air until something improves, hell I still use an iPhone 12 because well it works well, the 13 wasn't much of an upgrade and the 14 was the 13….

  7. On the one hand, I hate the corporate greed of some shareholders. On the other hand, I sort of can't be mad, because for as long as legions of impulsive, foolish people are willing to buy every single Apple device flashed before their eyes, it just makes business sense. The "early adopter" ideology is cancerous in large doses, just ask the people buying every COD/FIFA/Madden game for the last 10 years and complaining about incremental updates.

  8. I only bought it because of 2 reasons:

    1. I needed an Ipad and dont have one already, so the newer one seemed like a good idea because of the longer Support and a bit better specs.

    2. I would actually have to wait longer to get the old m1 one and I wanted one asap.

    So thats why I got the new one and so far iam really enjoying the product.

  9. Thank you for your honesty!! I’ve always noticed how tech channels walk on eggshells when speaking about Apple products. It is refreshing to see an unbiased opinion- you got a new subscriber! 🕺🏻

  10. I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer… I would like to have a android tablet, but for photo editing, illustration and stuff… I see iPad working better. Would you recommend me to get a iPad Air M1? as that chip still powerful and I dont need stuff like multiple cameras. I only want a portable work station (Affinity designer, Affinity photo, Procreate, photo edit) and productivity divice.

  11. I respect Tim Cook for holding down the fort and continuing to grow Apple. After Steve Jobs passed Apple hasn't been the same. I stopped getting excited about new Apple products just around the time Tim took over.

  12. Subscribed, I have the larger M1 iPad pro similar to yours and I saw no need to upgrade due to no pro features being added. I too wanted to use my iPad for video and audio editing for my podcast along with other things I do but I see Apple has no interest in bringing those pro features over to the iPad because it would potentially kill sales on the laptops. Until they actually use the iPad in a pro fashion there is no need to upgrade and anyone looking for a powerhouse iPad should get the M1 that's until Davinci Resolve drops its app and I have a chance to play with it to see if it's the same as the desktop application.

  13. Do not swear in the title! For the new M2 it is obviously only a small incremental update over the M1 as was the 2nd edition iPad Pro, and A12Z (2020) previously. It is quite normal for Apple to make larger update followed by small incremental with the iPad Pro. If it does not add anything you want, then don’t upgrade – easy!

  14. Replaced a 3 year-old iPad Pro with the base M1 iPad Pro and Apple’s associated keyboard/cover. I love it. For me the iPad is the perfect computer, and the M1 was a noticeably fast upgrade from the older model I had. But your mileage, as they say, may vary.

  15. Frankly, I’m amazed that the legacy of Steve Jobs carried Apple as far as it did.

    It’s clear that the innovation that drove Apple to the stratosphere is just no longer there and they have been driving on fumes for years at this point.

    Jobs’ latter year clarity of vision and simplicity of functional form has given way to a hodgepodge of poorly defined products, confusing feature sets and an almost complete lack of use case rationale.

    Jobs was not perfect but he was surely one of the best drivers of innovation. He is surely missed by the second tier of Apple engineers.

  16. And to add injury to insult, full software support is now limited to 1 year. The new 'hover' feature is entirely a software update and should be extended to last year's M1 buyers. This is an alarming new trend. 100% disrespect to Apple's own top-tier Pro customers who have spent the most money. The message is "buy a new device every year or we will cut you out"

  17. Eventhough you're a tech channel, and love everything tech, I love that you're not going to just blindly praise any company for their products and even worse, their marketing trickery.
    Will look forward to more honest videos.

  18. Apple looks set for a rough 2022-2023 fiscal year. So far, the IPhone release and IPad release have gotten lukewarm reactions from press and consumers. If they don’t knock it out of the park with a killer MacBook, they won’t have any truly compelling products in their lineup.

    Apple is still Apple, so they’ll sell billions worth of these new products no matter what. It seems the company is moving towards subscription services to bolster its income. I just hope this money hunt doesn’t result in Apple losing sight of what made it great in the first place.

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