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M2 Ultra Mac Pro is COMING! (Release Date & New LEAKS)

We just got a New BOMBSHELL Leak from one of the most reliable sources which points to a specific release date for the M2 Ultra Mac Pro! Let me explain..
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Timestamps ⬇️
M2 Ultra Mac Pro is COMING! – 00:00
This is the BIG Leak from Ross Young – 0:38
How this Display will be similar to the Studio Display – 2:01
How all of these leaks started! – 2:36
Specs & Confirmation from Mark Gurman – 3:47
Massive Leaks from the forum user Amethyst – 5:15
Big leaks for the M2 Mac Mini and why it matters! – 7:14
When we should expect the M2 Pro/Max MacBooks – 9:05
Possibility of a Mac Pro November event? – 10:17

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20 thoughts on “M2 Ultra Mac Pro is COMING! (Release Date & New LEAKS)”

  1. @maxtech, please make comparison/review for LG GRAM 16 2022. It doesn't throttle dramatically on battery at least this year, and still very lightweight for 16 inch laptop.

  2. The Mac Pro delay suggests that Apple knows they must hit a Home Run in terms of performance compared to ANY and ALL x86 offerings. In terms of the Mac Mini, Apple should keep the form-factor and put the money on the inside. Keep it as the budget offering but with a hefty punch.

  3. I can see the sense of not redesigning the mac mini and just sticking a M2 in the Intel version and you’re away… it won’t compete with the MS that way… but I think it would be a missed opportunity from Apple not to redesign the Mac Pro and clearly make it a new machine that removes any doubt when looking at it that its the silicon MP not an Intel MP… I know if I buy a silicon MP I want people to know its a silicon MP …

  4. Interesting but too much speculation at this point. And saying any Apple product is going to compete with the 4090 is very presumptuous, as we all know the M1 Max and Ultra etc did not have real-world comparable performance to the Nvidia cards. I am just interested to see how they can redeem themselves after the disaster of the M2 laptops – the base models are effectively a scam. I need to upgrade from my 2015 MBP but only the 14" M1 appeals and that's getting old now and overpriced.

  5. For me, I just missed out on buying a Mac Studio with 4TB, 64GB Ram and based on the M1 Max … Sooo, thought about waiting to see what the Mac mini M2 Pro is going to offer ? I've heard that the ram options on the Pro might go up to 48GB and I can work with that, no problem. Lets hope that we see it launched this month.

  6. If the mac mini chassis is not being redesigned does this mean there will be a repurposing of the space grey version? As in bye bye intel? What price point do you all think that it might come in at?

  7. "Studio Display Pro." That would be a stupid name. For context — Apple's calling their latest display "Studio Display" marks the revival of the naming convention they used with their display line from 1998 to 2011; it began with the original Studio Display, in 1998 — shortly after which Apple released a higher-end model, the Cinema Display. Thus, Apple will likely name the XDR Pro successor "Cinema Display (XDR)." Of course, there's also the possibility they simplify things and just call it "Studio Display XDR." (This all assumes they don't keep the existing moniker.)

  8. Yeah no. it will be an absolute fortune and wont even come close to competing with the the custom PC and DIY PC community. Nope. Overpriced junk just like their Macbooks. they are SO far behind on innovating. Don't know why this showed up on my thread.

  9. I would suggest a 5950x/3090ti 32gb 3600 Cl16 and windows. It will run the same for about 1800. This will not even come close to that price. Someone wanted this reply so. Her ya go. Oh and you can repair this without apples consent.

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