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Mac Studio Buyer's Guide – Don't Make these 7 Mistakes!

Which Mac Studio Upgrades are Worth It, and Which Should you Avoid? We go over all the Apple Studio Display and Mac Studio configurations to save you up to $1800!
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In this video, I cover every single option and configuration with Apple’s new Mac Studio that features and M1 Max and M1 Ultra chip within the new Mac Studio desktop machine.

I also cover Apples new 27″ 5K Studio Display with A13 chip and if its a good deal and which options are worth paying extra for.

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41 thoughts on “Mac Studio Buyer's Guide – Don't Make these 7 Mistakes!”

  1. I have to think your concerns about potential cooling concerns with higher spec'd machines should be unwarranted. If Apple has to scale back performance in order to deal with heat problems then this (desktop) system has completely missed the mark. Real world testing is needed for sure but that beefy heatsink and fans has to good for something.

  2. It depends on what your doing. I’m running a Vienna Ensemble Pro Server on the Mac Studio (alongside the DAW), and despite the excellent swap drive speeds I want all of my samples loaded directly into RAM, so I got the Ultra, with 48 GPU cores,128GB, 2TB NVME, That’s my sweet spot. With new peripherals it cost about $7,700.

  3. Hi Max, I think Apple missed the plot a bit with the display. If needed to be 1,000 nits minimum for high dynamic range edit/grading. Our TV can reach (a claimed) 1,600 nits.

  4. Not worth it for most users:
    1. 99.999% don't use more that two displays (most use one)
    2. 99.999% don't render videos and are not content creators
    3. 99.999% prefer a device that's not a desktop machine for ease of use and mobility
    It's a very specific and tiny segment that will be fully utilizing the Mac Studio and I don't think it's that future-proof either with no serviceable or upgradeable parts this computer will be more of a status symbol for everyone not owning a professional 6K or 8K video camera producing high quality videos.

  5. Mac studio is a pointless machine for general consumers who just plan on entertainment and stuff!! The display is not even high refresh rate!! and the mac alone for 2000$ is waste of money if you are not a professional who can take advantage of the power inside it!!

  6. Bro are you high? Gen 4 nvme SSD over 7GBps are not that expensive. I can get a 4TB sabrant rocket 4 plus with a thunderbolt enclosure for $840 on Amazon. Apple is charging an extra $1200 for the same performance. And much like in the MacBook Pro if you get less storage they probably won’t preform as well meaning you can pay less for better preference by getting an external SSD.

  7. Really thinking about upgrading, since my MacBook Pro is in 7 years old.. BUT i have a feeling no matter which one i get, LightRoom will still chew it up and spit it out like its old garbage 😛 I dunno what it is about LR, but no matter the computer specs, it acts the same.

  8. Can we please get a Mac capable for 3D developers. With Unreal engine ripping through VFX industry, Archviz and film making with realtime photo realism rendering, it has been frustrating how many features Mac OS is missing for Mac Unreal Developers ( i.e. path tracing etc) . Can this new studio beast be our savior without having to be tempted to venture back into the PC nightmares? The future is 3d, metaverse, web 3.0 with its WebXR standards (sadly missing for Mac users) and tools like Unreal Engine. Granted iOS ARkit is the most advanced with features and capabilities, but without hardware or a true audience ( VR HMD, AAA Games platforms ) the iPhone screen serving as the default AR interface and viewport doesn’t cut it. How long is AR cool or useful pointing your iPhone camera at the real world? About 2 minutes. Many were hoping to hear from Apple about Apple Glasses and Reality OS, however now it is still myth.

  9. Thanks for the video! You say on previous tests between 32gb and 64gb RAM you didnt notice any performance difference, but I'm curious, did the RAM fill up on the 32gb? I use alot of RAM currently on my old mac pro and I'd be concerned about getting the 32 for it being filled up to the max using RAM intensive tasks, I'd be concerned about the computer eating some of the SSD when RAM is full as I hear the older M1 does this alot and kills the SSD

  10. Thank you for the wonderful review and Guide. I was on the edge of choosing between 48 and 62core GPU. I realize with music production; I don’t need that much GPU or 128GB of Ram. I have made my order it will be here in 6weeks. Quite a long wait, but it’s all worth it, I guess. Thanks again.

  11. 08:57 About the 32GB vs 64GB memory test video that you're referring to. In the Xcode test, it would have been more realistic if you had opened at least 2 Xcode simulators (e.g. IPad Pro and iPhone 13) with a mobile project opened in Xcode and running in both simulators. Or use the Interface Builder (Visual Designer) for desktop apps built into Xcode, with a mid to high complex UI opened. And of course the desktop app being developed running.

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