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Mac Studio: Top 7 Issues We Didn't Expect After 1 Week!

Here are the Real-World downsides and issues with Apples New M1 Max and M1 Ultra Mac Studio!
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In this video, I go over everything that we discovered and learned from our everyday use and testing of the Mac Studio. The machine is a little beast and is very capable, but at the same time does have its own issues and downsides!

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Timestamps ⬇️
Mac Studio Top Issues – 00:00
#1 – 00:51
#2 – 02:34
#3 – 04:33
#4 – 06:52
#5 – 08:06
#6 – 08:59
#7 – 10:28

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21 thoughts on “Mac Studio: Top 7 Issues We Didn't Expect After 1 Week!”

  1. They slow down these units to so they don't overshadow the other products. They know it can be boosted but they lock it down and open them up as they release newer models to take your money, typical Apple.

  2. M1 Ultra is a great machine, the first NUMA MAC. But most of the people who will get the ULTRA are morons who don't know what they are buying, no matter of how many videos you will make. The price of the ULTRA is correct, it is not a machine for everybody(only some software will benefits from the extra hardware) and for 4k is relatively cheap, look at the price of Ryzen Threadripper, or Intel Xeon equivalent (2 socket): only the processor cost 3-4k and more, for a reason. Anyway If you really don't know how to extract all that power, I have a very beloved sister who is in need of such powerful machine, she use KeyShot on a 10K machine I made for her and it suck 500watt of power constantly during rendering. So if you are giving it away, keep my sister into consideration 🙂

  3. I believe the reason that 64GB is the base for the m1 ultra chip is because it’s essentially 2 m1 max’s socketed together, makes sense if the RAM is part of that package.

  4. Thanks for the video, getting Ultra tomorrow & will be running tests to see how it performs for audio. I couldn’t see any link for you video on DIY Portable SSD?

  5. We as consumers have to make Apple listen to us and make their devices Storages upgradeable/replaceable. I swear i roll with macbooks and Mac Os and Logic Pro x and final cut . But not being able to replace/ upgrade the ssd make me absolutely Furious maaan… c mon you money hungry apes : Apple. isn't 2 trilion dollars enough? u want to get all the money in the world? whass wrong witchu DAYUM !!! :O:O. guys let s make a petition or something like for real…

  6. Same limitations of the MBP without heating up also means more longevity for the hardware. I bought mine for 10+ years of use and I can't see a MBP lasting that long with the heating + battery use + possible handling damage.

  7. I just can't imagine spending all that money – to have a product with such serious issues. Multi tasking errors and the fact that it can't detect bluetooth keyboards and mice from initial startup. The M1 chips are impressive but they are stuck with an operating system that still has multi screen issues and the performance you pay for is throttled by apple. How can they overlook such fundamental issues with such expensive hardware? I was tempted with this product but it's closed source software and apple's bizarre choices towards its user base. I just know i would hate it. So I'll stick with my rzyen 9 3900x and Linux Kubuntu. Open source and better for humanity in general. Apple are greedy and the reduced costs of such an ARM based system – that could potentially benefit all users – is stuck inside a premium product for people who have money to burn. How much would the mac studio cost for apple to produce? Taking the base model as an example……I would guess it costs them about $799 to manufacture and probably much less. Not very good for the environment to have a slowly ageing brick on your desktop that is completely lacking the ability to alter and upgrade internally. I have to say – Apple are the devil's arse of the computing industry. Wasn't so long ago that they were found to be gradually killing the iphone battery performance in firmware updates to encourage users to upgrade.

  8. In the old days, engineering meetings were trouble shooting based, but now they're 'screw them' meetings, where Apple figures out how to get more profit for them, not performance for the customers.

  9. IS IT TOO HARD FOR YOU TO SAY FROM YOUR LIP'S … "Apple is lying and has lied to it's consumers". !

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