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Mac Studio vs Mac Pro – M1 Ultra will BLOW your Mind! 🤯

Is Apple’s NEW M1 Ultra Mac Studio the Mac Pro KILLER? In this video, I fully compare both of them to see just how much better it is in terms of real-world tests and much more!
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In this video, I compare EVERYTHING between the new M1 Ultra Mac Studio and the Mac Pro, including things like the design, the ports, the weight, the portability, the convenience, the performance in various tests and MUCH more!

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Timestamps ⬇️
Mac Studio vs Mac Pro – 00:00
Prices & Specs Compared – 1:07
Design & Main Differences – 1:27
Geekbench 5 CPU Test – 2:50
Cinebench R23 Test & Power usage – 4:00
Programming in Xcode – 4:57
Logic Pro Music Production – 5:50
Affinity Photo Editing Benchmark – 6:36
Lightroom Classic Photo Editing – 7:45
Geekbench 5 Metal Graphics – 8:33
GFXBench Metal Graphics Benchmark – 9:14
Final Cut Pro Video Editing Tests (4K) – 9:52
HEVC 1 min Stabilization Test – 10:45
8K R3D RAW Export Tests – 11:03
ProRes RAW Export Tests – 11:55
HEVC Codec Export Test – 13:30
3D Rendering in Blender (PartyTug) – 14:49
Blender Cycles Renders & Tests – 15:40
BMW & Classroom Standard Tests – 16:44
Is the Mac Studio the TRUE Mac Pro killer? – 17:20

WeTest PerfDog is what we use to test FPS. Full mobile platform performance test and analysis tool:

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25 thoughts on “Mac Studio vs Mac Pro – M1 Ultra will BLOW your Mind! 🤯”

  1. Do YOU Think the Mac Studio is a proper Mac Pro KILLER/Replacement?! Comment below!
    NEW M1 Ultra Chip T-Shirt (M1ULTRA code for 20% OFF) ➡
    Like this unique Studio Display Wallpaper? Download it here! ➡
    Best deals on M1 Macs on Amazon ⬇️
    Apple Mac Studio with M1 Ultra ➡
    Apple 27" Studio Display ➡
    M1 MacBook Air ($850 SALE) ➡
    NEW 16" MacBook Pro 2021 ➡

  2. Cool comparison. But if by PC, you mean Windows PC, I doubt it will be able to compile for Windows Intel at all from Mac Os and efficiently (if at all) from Parallels. (I have mostly full stack web and iOS development background so happy to be corrected by a Windows dev)

  3. total madness. 1/3 the price, 1/3 the heat but 3 times the performance. i dont think any other company would put out this kind of value for their customer base , ever

  4. Just looking at the Refurbished section of the Apple Store site and they’re still selling a Pro for £9,000.

    Why even buy it for refurbished? Maybe if it were half the price of a maxed out Studio then sure, but even then it’ll leave more of a dent in your electricity bills.

  5. can you do a proper loudness comparison of 2 Mac Studio models vs Mac Pro vs MBP M1 vs MBP Intel ? I'm hearing very differing things regarding loudness of the Mac Studio.

  6. Hi, I noticed that when you comparing i.e. PartyTug Cycles you are saying that Studio is 36% faster than Pro. It is not correct in my opinion. The % number you are saying is percent of how much is Pro slower than Studio. In that case Studio is around 27% faster. When you saying Studio is X% faster than Pro then you should use slower machine as a base for calculation/comparison and then have smaller result -> ( slower – faster) / slower. You repeated this scheme also in next comparison. Beside that miscalculation great video as always.

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