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Home » Magic Keyboard Folio Review! Is it Worth Spending $250?

Magic Keyboard Folio Review! Is it Worth Spending $250?

Magic Keyboard Folio Review after 1 Week! Magic Keyboard vs Magic Keyboard Folio?
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40 thoughts on “Magic Keyboard Folio Review! Is it Worth Spending $250?”

  1. I bought the Logitech Folio for my iPad Pro 11 half year ago on an Amazon sale (it costed me £90) and it works just perfectly. I even use it for work.
    This Apple Folio is an overpriced garbage, I was shocked when I saw it with that price tag: £279 😀 Joke.
    Everything that the Apple is doing with that poor iPad-line feels like a late April-fool's joke.


    WHA-UH-Oh. [x2]

    WHA-UH. Uh. UH-Uh-UH. OH.

    psyoursister. 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I love this video at large❤❤, you remind me of what a wise man once said, " Average people work for money. Wealthy people make money to work for them". I once attend seminar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i most tell you the truth..

  4. Microsoft Surface PERFECTED this form factor like a decade ago, there's no need to re invent the wheel.
    The folio case is SO superior to the magic keyboard, unless you want your ipad to be mostly a shitty laptop.

  5. If this setup works for you, just buy an actual desktop computer instead. Or at very least buy an actual Magic Keyboard, like the ones that come with the iMacs, they're over $100 cheaper and have full sized keys and you won't have to hunch over like a laptop, you will be able to set it up on something like a monitor. Whatever you do, don't waste your time and money on this scam.

  6. Yeah i have the logitech combo touch on my iPad 9 and i know they have it for the ten now but i just spent a 150 bucks last year for that and thats one thing that’s making me wonder if i should take the 200 bucks apple will give me to trade up to the 10. Of course that’ll save me on the ipad which gives me room for the logitech for the 10th gen but then i still have the old logitech keyboard… I’m thinking i might just give that whole setup to my daughter who wants an ipad now… which i get she has an iPhone and airpods ect…but i did just get her that Samsung tablet last Christmas lol… but hey I’ll probably do it but I’m having a hard time choosing now which to upgrade to. The tenth gen is nice and i can still use my old Apple Pencil and i really like the new landscape camera and the blue color… that plus being a little cheaper is making it more difficult to choose between that and the air. Obviously the airs much better and does have a decent blue color and better screen and Apple Pencil 2 support plus M1 or with the 4 a more powerful A14 not to mention the better usb c but i wish apple added some of those to the tenth generation or added the centered camera to the air and pro models… i feel like they can figure something out to have the magnetic pencil charging and the camera… it reis frustrating to spend alot more but lose out on features on the entry level and then the entry level get the price bumped up so much but lose out on so many things too. . All they had to do was make the usb c 3.0 atleast, add a laminated display support for Magic Keyboard… and make the magic folio supported on the other ipads as well and I would have been fine dealing with some losses like a little less powerful chip, Apple Pencil 1 ect… or leave it but bring the price back down to where it was very appealing even if they did raise it a bit but like 349 or 379 anyways thats my rant. Not reading through it to check for any errors lol 😂

  7. I can recommend the Alternative Keyboard Folio from Logitech, they are quality Items, very robust and reliable and a lot of Quality for the Buck. Many Customers of mine are very satisfied with my Recommendation. Me myself I don’t do much typing, but if I do that I use a very cheap small Bluetooth Keyboard that I bought for just 20 Euros.

  8. I bought my iPad Air 4 when it first came out and later on i was able to buy the Magic Keyboard on a BestBuy flash deal for 200$ brand new. I been super happy with it and its still run likes new. I would highly recommend buying a good condition used IPad Air 4 and keyboard is much more worth it then the new iPad.

  9. It's freaking ridiculous how so many major youtube tech channels leave out this glaring omission…this new keyboard case can be laid FLAT!. You cant use the apple pencil on the original magic keyboard without taking the ipad off and then he ipad doesn't even lay completely flat. If you write or draw then the new keyboard should be considered or the Logitech combo case otherwise what is the point of even buying the pencil just to awkwardly use it?

  10. I personally don't care for either one of those keyboards. The folio style is nice but has limitations as does the Apple Magic Keyboard. The adjusting angle is the deal breaker for me. I have a 2018 iPad 11 Pro and use a TuaTara case. It protects the iPad and has raised edges to protect it against accidental bumps and drops. It also has an adjustable "Ring" that acts as a handle/iPad back support. It also has a spot for my Apple Pencil that allows it to charge while it is secured to the iPad. And on top of that, I can adjust it to any angle or orientation (portrait or landscape) which is perfect for drawing as well as taking notes. The best part is it only cost $59.00. I also carry around a compact Bluetooth keyboard $39.99 that fits neatly into the neoprene case I use to carry my iPad Pro.

  11. Let's be honest. Both of these are cheap crap. For $350 USD we want a case that turns the iPad into a Macbook Air like device. Instead we get keyboards that Apple can sell for 3 times what they should cost.

  12. I hope someone can design a slim flat cable that converts the 10th Gen bottom side connector to the same place where the Pro’s and Air’s smart connector goes. With that, you can use the Smart Keyboard instead of the Smart Folio on the 10th Gen.

  13. "Who confesses with mouth and believes in heart that Krist died to take sins of people and after that rose again=will be Saved."Do it now,repent because time is very short

  14. It’s just a worse version of the Logitech Combo Touch which is cheaper and has back lighting.

    Everything about the iPad 10 makes this the worst product Apple have released since the 90’s.

  15. It’s great that Apple tries different approaches and gives us options. I want to see what Logitech comes out with for the 10. On the other hand, about 15 years ago I used lament the “Apple premium” but now I see the value, even here. By the way my current go-to “typewriter” is a $99 Chromebook (with IPS!) on an early Black Friday special at Best Buy – with guaranteed ChromeOS updates through most of 2028.

  16. The keyboard folio is absolutely not worth it. $250? For a keyboard! Salazar In fact, unless you do a lot of work with Apple Pencil. And you don’t already own one. A MacBook Air is a much better value than an iPad Pro. For one reason, the keyboard is included. And you get way more memory and hard drive space.

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