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Magic Mac — How Apple DESTROYS Mac mini!

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So, where’s Apple going to cram some custom silicon all up in next? I mean, besides the recently patent-sparked M2 Magic Keyboard computer speculation, the one that’ll somehow re-invent the Apple II and obsolete the Mac mini box at the same time, right? More on those in a perf per watt minute! And, I only ask because… they just put… an A13 Bionic, basically the whole entire board from the current iPad nothing, memory, 64 Gigs of storage, the all of it, into… a monitor. A screen. The Studio Display. Basically, because the Tim Cook doctrine says Apple’s only ever going to enter — or re-enter — markets where they can provide unique differentiation and value. Doing things that only Apple can do, as the mantra goes. They’re a huge company but they still use small teams with limited bandwidth so if you’re not the next iPhone, you have to prove you’re worthy of some of that time and attention because it’ll always come at the expense of something else.

So, using custom silicon to give a desktop display the same features that Apple’s MacBook displays have been enjoying for the last few years is just exactly the kind of unique differentiation that’ll get you bandwidth — and sign off! — True Tone ambient color temperature matching, spatial audio speakers, noise-canceling mics, Center Stage pan, and zoom webcam — the freaking thing actually runs iOS 15! It even gets software updates… and experiences software bugs… like a computer. So, what’s next?!


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33 thoughts on “Magic Mac — How Apple DESTROYS Mac mini!”

  1. After 10+ years of Apple I’ll be leaving since they DELIBERATELY by design send equipment into OBSOLESCENCE by stopping support.
    Hardware continues to work, but not usable because they design various OS to not work with older equip (example iTunes)

  2. Late to the party—but just let me say—I have not been happy with any Apple Keyboard since the one that came with my G4 tower—May it Rest In Peace. A Vic-20 style Mac would not be in my wheelhouse.

  3. Not worth it, I drink and eat at the desk all the time and have 2 slipups and spills a year, I don't want accident insurance either. The keyboard idea isn't for me and neither is the display or iMac, really overpriced display. The bare Mac Mini gives you the most value period.

  4. I REALLY wish Apple would re-introduce Airport Basestations. I still haven’t found a router/extenders that I love as much as Airport Basestations. They could use their own silicon in these for sure, and add the best security, software interface, etc… It would be so easy for Apple to just jump back into to the WiFi market.

  5. did you know even my tv has a soc also the mate view monitor does I believe it was the first to have wifi and bluetooth it also has a os and updates via wifi

  6. With an A13 in the monitor and co outer in the keyboard they will be able to read/ scan everything you look at on the monitor (like scanning all photos on iPhone) and track everything you type on the keyboard.

  7. Nice backing music. I don't usually subscribe to channels but I subscribed to your channel cause I can see that you work hard to provide a quality product. Thank you. Please continue to use music but lower the mid-range frequencies of the music so it doesn't conflict as much with what you are saying.

  8. while apple failed in the 90's when it gave other corporations a licence to build many variations of apple systems, it might be better for apple to focus on what it is good at, and stop giving us such lower tec and lower quality keyboard and mouses, and license that out to a counterpart company. as it would be still great to have a Mac mini in a key board, yet for other companies to make different variations of the key board. as I see the thinking that like a musician brings there instrument and plugs it in to a friend's amp, us geeks bring our specialized keyboard and computer and just plug it in to any monitor or projector. or wifi or bluetooth it to a large screen.

  9. 4/8/22 I hate the Apple small keyboard I have had 2 die on me without being able to fix them. I end up getting the old 2009 wired keyboards which have yet to fail me. I like to get a newer mac mini newer than my 2011, but I find that the apple stuff even though more powerful and thinner is no longer user upgradeable for its users, I long for the days when Apple products lasted long enough in years where it paid for itself, now I fear that Apple products are only good until it's next great thing comes on the market, gotta sell you an upgrade.

  10. A keyboard-computer needs to be a separate computer. Mac Mini NEEDS to stay. I really don’t want to be attaching a keyboard to my keyboard. I want customized components around a computer. Replacing the Mac mini would be stupid.

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. … hilarious when this chubby dude starts promoting razors that have a similarity with Apple macs.. ahahhaah. YOU"RE SO CHEAP!!! ahahahahah. what an embarrassment.

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