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Home » Mandela Barnes: Ron Johnson Has ‘Dangerous Positions’ And ‘Can’t Be Trusted’

Mandela Barnes: Ron Johnson Has ‘Dangerous Positions’ And ‘Can’t Be Trusted’

Moments after finishing his first Senate campaign debate against incumbent GOP Sen. Ron Johnson, Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes joins MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Johnson now walking back previous comments supporting a nationwide abortion ban and Johnson’s plans to cut Social Security and Medicare. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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26 thoughts on “Mandela Barnes: Ron Johnson Has ‘Dangerous Positions’ And ‘Can’t Be Trusted’”

  1. There was no insurrection barned. Thats a deception you ar3 onboard with bc u have a socialist agenda. Jan 6th was the largest march of americans in history bc of dissatisfaction. You set americans up is what u did pelosi refused national gaurd. Mr epps an fbi agent was there on your behalf trying to make people breach the capitol regardless and against trumps wishes as detailed in his speech minutes prior.

  2. The green new deal is a bad deal. The car is twice as heavy as the conventional car, it's like hitting an elephant. Don't plug this car in at home the harm it causes when it catches on fire, takes the whole house!

  3. Admittedly, I don't usually vote and when I do, I try to pick libertarian candidates. But the abortion agenda the Republicans are pushing is convincing me to vote blue all the way down the ticket 🎟️🎟️🎟️🎟️🎟️

  4. VOTE for Mandela Barnes Wisconsin for SENATOR. GQP🍊 & Ron Johnson is Determined to DESTROY Social Security & Medicare.
    (U.S. We ❤️Our Grandparents – Medicare)
    (GQP Wants to Re-peal
    "Inflation Reduction Act" Medicare –
    👉$2,000 FIXED CAP for Prescriptions per yr.
    $35 CAP for Insulin everyone)
    👉Pres. Biden's Admin. SSI will be raised $140/mo. the 1st Raise in 10 years. NOT 1 Republican in Senate VOTED for the above help for U.S. Families.

  5. Tired of Democrat lies and extremist policies that go against libertarianism. Progressives are dangerous and political thugs aligned with pro-criminals. MSNBC is a media outlet for the deranged,

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