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Home » Mistakes you are making while speaking in English – and how to overcome them

Mistakes you are making while speaking in English – and how to overcome them

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35 thoughts on “Mistakes you are making while speaking in English – and how to overcome them”

  1. Hi Aleena,
    U r English very simple, so anybody can under stand.
    2. Ur taking speed is normal. So any can follow u!
    3. Ur tips also very simple.
    4. U look very bright and smiling face.
    5. Friend look
    So I watching ur video
    Keep it up.

  2. Mam i always watch your videos🙂❤and now i think i can make proper use of some of the difficult words which was uncomprehendable for me before i started watching your video and am really very thankful to you 🙂🥀👈

  3. Hi mam,I speak English but the sentence I make are too long. Is there way to make sentence short with the same meaning ?
    And I have been watching your videos for couple of weeks and they are really good and helpful 👍

  4. Mam Mai kisi bhi knowledge k groww per dimate account to bana di per भविष्य मे मेरे पास मनलो ट्रेडिंग or इन्वेस्ट करने की छमता नही हैं और ग्रो app किसी ना किसी नाम से चार्जेस मेरे बैंक account पैसे जबरदस्ती काट रहा हैं तो ग्रो डिमेट अकाउंट कैसे delete करे घर बैठे प्लीज mam पूरी प्रोसेस बता दो

  5. Can you share your technique of reading the literature with us to get a better understanding of it like a novel?
    Please if possible, make a separate video on it.
    How did you get a better command of the complex words of literature? usually, we all use colloquial words in our normal conversation most of the time instead of those complex words.
    It can be I think frustrating and so tedious, especially for beginners.
    When they start reading any English novel they do not get a proper feel of their second language like their mother tongue and eventually, they put the novel or that English stuff down.
    And yes, you're doing a wonderful job.
    Love your videos !!!👍❤❤❤

  6. Hello maam I hv started to wach ur video day before Yesterday nd i am really very very impresd with u In 2 days i wached 10 to 12 videos the way u speak the way u teach ,Explain I love it alot u are really beautiful from Out side as well as from inside I can say that whosoever wach ur videos they connected with their heart

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