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Money Management for Dummies – How to Better Manage Your Affiliate Finances

It’s important to know how to manage your money as an affiliate marketer! So that’s why I’ve shot this video on money management for dummies – because a lot of affiliates kinda act like dummies when it comes to their finances.

I’m not perfect, I’ve blown cash, but I’ve learned from it and I want to share with you guys my experiences, and what I do differently now.

Most affiliates come from not having much money… That’s why we do love this business…

But the down side of that is most people don’t have the skills/personality to handle a lot of money.

There’s a quote “Making money is not the hard part, keeping it is”.

I like that quote. Everyone makes money, just some people are better at keeping it.

Here are my tips to look after your business finances for internet marketers.

If you want more finance tips:

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  1. CharlesNgo Brother How is it going! I've watched your SEA video a couple of days ago and let ,e tell you that I love your knowledge & story. I'm really looking forward to connecting 🙂 I've sent you a snapchat and skype request please accept them, also a message through Twitter (which I created it only to text you as same as a YouTube account) Thanks for your time Charles this is my email incase you want to send me something ! Hope to speak to you soon. Be Great -Your friend Alain

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