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Most Simple Commercial Cinematography Setup!

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Commercial Setup
S 24-105mm f/4:
Small Lights:
Small lights Amazon:
Comica RGB UMic:
Product Rotator/Spinner:
Multi-purpose clamps:
Affordable light stands (if you can’t afford c stand):
Diffuser/reflector system:

BTS equipment
Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4:
Godox SL-60W:
My ND & Mist Filters:
10% Mist Filter:

How to Fix Audio Pops in timeline:
Learn Light (Self Portraits):
How I replicated this Apple AirPod Pro Marketing photo:
This Photo is lacks Art:
Instagram – How I adapted:
Learn THIS for professional Video (and Photo):
What I achieved with this cheap kit lens:
What I’m learning from taking self portraits:
Render Export vs Render Preview Premiere Pro:
How to make red and yellow Render Bars Green:

Follow my art and events:
Previous work:
Rosella Projects on Behance:

Updated Affiliate sheet Sept 2022:
12-60mm f/3.5-5.6:
Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4:
25mm f/1.7:
25mm f/0.95:
7.5mm fisheye:
18-35mm f/1.8:
Speedbooster 0.71:
Flash system MFT:
Flash Softbox BOWENS:

My Full Frame system:
S 24-105mm f/4:
ART 14-24mm f/2.8:
PK-L vintage adapter:
AR-L vintage adapter:
MD-L vintage adapter:
Affordable light stands (if you can’t afford c stand):
My Portable Key Light:
Portable Softbox:
Godox SL-60W:
Softbox 120:
My strongest MonoLight:
Diffuser/reflector system:
Best value RGB Pocket Light:
Best value RGB Pocket Light Amazon:
RGB Stick Light:
RGB Stick Light:
The Lightest Pocket Light:
The Lightest Pocket Light Amazon:
My heaviest RGB Pocket Light:
Pocket light diffuser (I recommend at least 20cm):
Tiny 30cm diffuser system:
Travel Mic & Recorder:
Current at-home audio interface:
Vlog Mic:
Multi-purpose clamps:
Video Tripod:
Video Tripod Amazon:
Photo Tripod:
Vlog camera:
Vlog Mic:
My ND & Mist Filters:
10% Mist Filter:
20% Mist Filter:
v90 SD Card:
Portable SSD:
Scratch SSD:
Cinematography Monitor Amazon:
Camera Field Monitor Amazon:

*Amazon Affiliate links earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you. I am still testing this out.
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