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Motor Club of America – Affiliate Program

Video Transcript:
“Motor Club of America’s affiliate program is an opportunity for our associates and members to earn money by referring customers to our company. Upon joining, you will receive a referral link with a unique user ID so that we know when you’ve referred someone. You will also be given a virtual back office to keep track of your daily and weekly commissions, which are paid out once a week via direct deposit. Our memberships start at just $9.95, which includes a whole host of roadside assistance services and discounted benefits. Our affiliate program has generated income for customers all over the nation, including Canada and Puerto Rico, and we appreciate their hard work. That’s why we continue to offer our affiliate program year after year. Our affiliate program is solely for the purpose of growing our membership base. This program has been vital to the success of our company and we want to keep it that way. We are one of the fastest growing auto clubs in the nation, and with your help, we aim to be number one. For a more detailed analysis of our compensation plan, please review the next section where you’ll find weekly and monthly income projections from your earned commissions. ”

Motor Club of America. Affiliate Program


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