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Moving to NYC in 2022 is Going To Be Hard…

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24 thoughts on “Moving to NYC in 2022 is Going To Be Hard…”

  1. NYC has great restaurants, culture, and a lot of diversity. If you want to be part of this scene most of the year, it's going to cost you a pretty penny with housing unless you have a special arrangement with a family member or a friend, a trust fund or you are independently wealthy. The downside is the grit and staring out the window of an artificial urban jungle. I see a lot of mountains and homes from my window now, instead of seeing buildings when I'm down in the city.

  2. John
    It is a great video. Eventhough i have said about my neighborhood Sheepshead Bay. I am assuming Sheepshead Bay is a bit cheaper than neighborhoods such as Park Slope, Dunbo, Williamsburg etc. Sheepshead Bay transportation is the B and Q trains. Buses in the heart of Sheepshead Bay B4, B36, B49. At the end of Sheepshead Bay B44 and B44SBS. Safety the neighborhood is patrolled by t

  3. As for if it's worth it's all up to the person. Being in NYC is a luxury good at the moment sadly since so many people want to be here and no other city could ever come close to emulating the magic of NYC thus far (and might not in our life times). I personally think even if it means saving a lot less money and retiring way later than most people I know it's worth it to me as a person who's lived here for decades and still find mid town and Times Square as magical as when I first moved here. NYC just has such a diverse amount of areas to explore and each neighborhood having a variety of buildings, shops, restaurants ect that every city I've visited doesn't really come close. To me that luxury price point is worth it but to most sane people who want to settle down and eventually actually retire it probably won't be worth it but that's how I want to live this iteration of my life at least.

  4. Dude, I have been looking for a place in Orlando, Florida since December. I’m currently going month-to-month. I need a three bedroom for my family and you really can’t find anything for under $2500 which is just insane for Orlando. Our rents have gone up more than 30%. I feel like we’re in a hardcore housing crisis here and no one is doing anything about it. Our minimum wage is $10. The cost of living to income gap is laughable.

  5. We bought a studio coop outright on the Grand Concourse of the Bronx with great views (pretty big for a studio) and my sister lives in it. She pays the maintenance fees which is less than $500 a month. During the lockdowns, she lost both her jobs and couldn't continue to pay $1700 a month in Astoria so we let her move into the studio. She helps us by paying the maintenance fees. $500 a month in New York is practically free.

  6. I live in rhode island, there are almost no apartments for rent under $1200 a month for a one bedroom and no studios available. My landlord raised the rent $400 on my 3 bedroom apartment which forced me out.

  7. I think it's not worth it becuase high price , stupid entitlement, crime such as stabbing and it just that nyc lost its glamorous feel and is not the city it used to be. also the leadership is garbage

    but the food scene is still good just got to find the hidden gems

  8. I feel like this problem could be solved by getting rid of the lower residential units on the edge of the city and replacing them with higher apartments.

    I don’t mean like downtown Manhattan but at least 5 to 7 story tall apartments

  9. Columbus Ohio – with the new Intel chip plant being built over the next 3 years – getting a house or apartment is insane. Lines of people. Blank checks. 60k over asking for a house. The rents are increasing significantly, even in areas 25 miles from Columbus. Insanity.

  10. Contrary to this report, there is a mass exodus out of New York. Many claimed the reason is because of the failed liberal, socialist government policies, higher crime rates and ineffective prosecutors, and lack of effective public services (mounds of garbage, rat and roach infestation, and the list goes on). Rents are outrageously high and owning a home is out of the question unless you consider way outside of NY like Elmira or the Hamptons.

    I will never move to NY even if someone pays me a seven figure salary. 😁

  11. I moved to Chicago in 2015. Never a had problem finding an apartment or a job. Transit is good and so is the expense vs. Living in NYC. My rent would have been close to $3500 in NYC. I just couldn't do it….

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