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Home » Neil Patel & Timothy Marc talk ENTREPRENEUR FAILURES- Why Not 3? Work Life Balance for Entrepreneurs

Neil Patel & Timothy Marc talk ENTREPRENEUR FAILURES- Why Not 3? Work Life Balance for Entrepreneurs

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Neil Patel talks about his million dollar mistakes. Timothy Marc talks about his internet businesses. Chris Pillwein talks about not being too involved with passions that don’t bring money and Matt talks about investing your time in something that brings money.

Neil Patel brings his expertise to the table. Warning against some common pitfalls for entrepreneurs. If you are interested in Neil Patel ‘s blog then check him out on Google. One of his most famous articles is how Neil Patel invested over 100k in clothing to get almost a 5x return on investment. Just by dressing nicer Neil Patel was able to make more money.

Talk about a simple trick. Neil Patel has many more up his sleeve that can really help out some entrepreneurs. If you’re a blogger and you want to go the next level Neil Patel is definitely your guy. However, Timothy Marc has a big role too, especially for the bloggers.

Timothy Marc ‘s freedom business blog gives people the skills to start a business that funds a life of freedom, fun and adventure. Timothy Marc has founded the #1 training program for entrepreneurs called secret society mastermind.

It’s this secret society mastermind that this year Timothy Marc invited dozens of entrepreneurs that are performing really well, to get the ultimate freedom business award.

In short: Neil Patel & Timothy Marc are good for you, if you’re interested in going to the next level in your online business.



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