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Home » New Usdt earning site | usdt income site | free usdt investment, Usdt Earning | Usdt Earning Site

New Usdt earning site | usdt income site | free usdt investment, Usdt Earning | Usdt Earning Site

Full withdrawal of principal + commission
Registration link:
Official customer service:
**After the registration is completed, you can freely choose the position
Complete jobs and earn commissions for tasks. ****
obbmall offers new online jobs:
Intern: 10u for recharge, 10.5u for withdrawing 1 order;
Full-time employees: recharge 30u, complete 2 orders and withdraw 31.5u;
Manager: recharge 80u, complete 2 orders and withdraw 84u;
Director: recharge 200u, complete 2 orders and withdraw 214u;
Regional President: Deposit 500u, and withdraw 540u after completing 4 orders;
General manager: recharge 1000u, complete 5 orders to withdraw 1100u;
President: Deposit 3000u, and withdraw 3450u after completing 5 orders;

Withdrawal time: London time 9:00AM – 18:00PM; welcome to join obb!

Inviting members can get 8% commission back.
Invite A-level members to complete tasks to get 5% commission for A-level members
A-level members invite their subordinates to join and can get 3% A-level
Subordinates (your B-level)

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