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Home » Nikah Episode 23 – [Eng Sub] – Haroon Shahid – Zainab Shabbir – 11th February 2023 – HAR PAL GEO

Nikah Episode 23 – [Eng Sub] – Haroon Shahid – Zainab Shabbir – 11th February 2023 – HAR PAL GEO

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Nikah Episode 23 – [Eng Sub] – Haroon Shahid – Zainab Shabbir – 11th February 2023 – HAR PAL GEO

Nikah is a powerful and inspiring story of a young girl’s fight for her social and religious rights.
Opinionated and confident by nature, Anusha is a beautiful young girl who knows how to stand up for her rights. After losing her mother at a young age, Anusha has been brought up by her aunt, Umaima with a lot of love and care. Umamia is a bit hesitant about Anusha’s assertiveness and often makes her understand.
Class fellows and best friends, Anusha and Haris are in love with each other and soon plan to marry. On the contrary, Hamdaan is a handsome young man who belongs to a wealthy family and is the only son of his father. He falls in love with Anusha on his very first meeting with her however is respectful of Anusha’s choices.
Anusha’s hope and dreams come crashing down when Haris challenges her thoughts. The supposedly liberal fabric of Haris and his family is exposed when Anusha takes a stand for her rights. After losing everything, will Anusha stay true to herself and fight against all odds? Despite everything, will Anusha realize her true admirer and supporter in form of Hamdaan?

Writer: Nuzhat Saman
Director: Zahid Mehmood
Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Cast :
Haroon Shahid – Hamdan
Zainab Shabbir – Anousha
Sohail Sameer – Farooq
Javaria Abbasi – Umaima
Kanwal Khan – Yusra
Saima Qureshi – Rana
Naveed Raza – Nadeem
Shabbir Jan – Aijaz
Hammad Farooqui – Naveed Raza
Shaheen Khan – Nighat
Seemi Pashah – Nishat
Yasir Shoro – Farhad



37 thoughts on “Nikah Episode 23 – [Eng Sub] – Haroon Shahid – Zainab Shabbir – 11th February 2023 – HAR PAL GEO”

  1. Yeh drama bahut lovely hy, magar is mn yusra ki khala wala saara kirdar jo dekhaya ja raha hey, yeh intehai ghalat msg hy, is se bad msg ja raha hey, k khaala khud hi apnay inteqaam k liey bhaanjee ko ghalat rastay pe daal rahi hy, janab Director sb, is kirdaar ko khatam karain, plz plz. Har aik episode mn aik acha aur niya msg logon ko dein, na k bay-rah-rawi ki taraf janay wali technique sekhaen, overall kahani achi hy,

  2. These two women are so stupid. No working brain between them Umaima and Anousha, are supposed to be educated, yet they keep dealing with two fraud men themselves. Simply contact your family lawyer or get a new lawyer. Such decisions are not handled in your garden. Otherwise anybody can walk in and take over your house. Instead you fight it in court. Faking papers and documents and taking illegal possession of other peoples houses is common in Pakistan because our legal system is hopeless and coruopt. These dramas keep showing women as weak.

  3. So those two frauds men just turn up with police and a warrant, when the case has not even been heard in court (which can take a long time months and years even). Yet a warrant has been issued without the women's lawyer or the two women, Anousha and Umaima, being present in court or being heard. That warrant has no merit.

    The writer is clearly stupid that she doesn't know this is not, how our legal system works. First the two men have to make a petition in court and file an FIR with the police. Then there will be court hearings and only after hearing both sides and examining evidence (fake or real) will the judge decide. Police can not just turn up and the police can not issue warrants and evict people from their homes. A warrant is issued by a judge in court. Not police.

    Also the house is much much more worth than 20 lakhs, so no court is just going to throw the women out and give the keys to those fraud men. Yes the court can force the women to sell it and pay off her debts or creditors.

    Anousha could have handled this by contacting a good competent lawyer, the first time those men came to her house. Stop showing only men can rescue stupid weak women. Women have access to the law and lawyers when they have money, options and education. They should learn to handle things instead of crying and looking for a man to help them. Why is Anousha not taking over her fathers business and why isn't she working or using her education to keep herself financially secure and pay her bills and keep busy? Why is she always dressing up, crying and roaming around the house? Why is Umaima living with Anousha when she knows her own marriage is at risk? She has a good husband. She should appreciate him. But I know the reason…. The reason is girls don't live alone in Pakistan not even if they are rich. Where are the rest of Anoushas relatives? They never show extended family in dramas. She can rent out her house with the help of Umaimas husband. Then she can move away to live with her relatives. The house is her investment for life. She should not sell it. But with rent she will have a fixed income every month, which she can save and use for her own education and maybe open a business. But Anousha will need to marry before Pakistani society will respect her. A woman has no rights, identity or freedom in Pakistan. Maybe rich girls do. But not in cour or in society. Pakistani culture and society is inherently misogynistic and against women. Girls are taught they only get respect and dignity with their father and husband. No independence, identity or rights of her own.

    If this is the state of educated and financially secure women, then only Allah can save poor uneducated women.

  4. Farukh already saw clear signs of his cousin Naina, not having the best intentions and even caught her talking behind his back. But still he trusts his daughter, yusra, with her? Trust nobody with your child. No matter how big your child is. Naina is pathetic always lusting for Farukh, when he clearly didn't want to marry her and has married two women (Yusras mother and Umaima) in front of her eyes. Why doesn't she find a good man for herself and marry him and move on with her life instead of plotting and planning against Farukh and Yusra? Haris mother has hearing problems. He told her, NO, thyy he doesn't want to marry now but she talks about engagement. It's best she marries Haris herself because she will never accept another woman in Haris life. Such mother and son relationships is not normal but it's about controling sons, competing with his wife, and seeing sons as substitute husbands and lifetime investment. Haris mother and Haris need therapy, not shaadi.

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