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Home » Ohio U.S. Senate debate between Tim Ryan, JD Vance

Ohio U.S. Senate debate between Tim Ryan, JD Vance

Ohio U.S. Senate debate between Tim Ryan, JD Vance

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25 thoughts on “Ohio U.S. Senate debate between Tim Ryan, JD Vance”

  1. When you chose who to vote for let's be informed of what's going on in the world, along with what America is faced with. Make sure to put your foot down to let your candidate know what you need. It could decide the fate of America's economic future. Peace brings prosperity & economic world growth. War is environmentally unfriendly & violently unstable. Anyhow…


    What is the National Debt of USA? The 2022 Gross Federal Debt of USA is $31 trillion dollars. This is the total of external debts that the United States has loaned to other countries which owe the US money or that the US has applied to its own costs. China is owed $13 trillion from other countries. UK is owed $9 trillion from other countries. France is owed $7 trillion from other countries. Of the $31 trillion owed, only $1 trillion is owed by USA to China. Ukraine has also been given almost $3 billion in Aid for the Russia-Ukraine War, with a potential commitment of up to $14.5 billion in assistance as long as the war continues. Therefore, it's in the interest of the Parliament of Ukraine to keep the war going for as long as it can in order to squander many, many more billions out of the US. Congress needs to have an investigation of the use of funds supplied to Ukraine which is needed to assure funds are not being pocketed, re-routed, or swindled by the Ukrainian Parliament. What happens when there is war? Economies suffer, including the economy of the US. The world economies were already suffering due to the pandemic. If wars send the world economies into the stone-age, how will our $30 trillion of debt be paid back to us? Thanks to scientists & vaccines, the human race has been able to stay afloat & survive. Yet, who gains from war? Only the companies that build war equipment & those who have stakes or stocks invested in those particular companies. Those funds should be going to infrastructure of the US's deteriorating dams, roadways, green energy programs to help the transition to solar, mental health system, border security, police force, & feeding America's needs. Instead, the funds should not be going to other countries with war drama issues, while the US's economy sinks into the stone-age, along with all of the other world economies. World Trade & tourism helps every economy, especially ours, because we are able to gain funds from other countries that buy from us. When our gas prices were $1.69 to $2.89 a gallon, we were using our own supplies, allowing permits for drilling, keeping the market competitive, so the big oil companies wouldn't get too greedy. Now we're relying on other countries and have high gas prices bouncing between $4 to $12 a gallon. I'm sure everyone will eventually transition to green energy when they can afford it, but they won't be able to if there's sky-rocketing inflation + high prices at the pump. Our companies that were making money from Russia that left Russia cost those companies $450 billion dollars in lost revenues! Instead of the Russians spending the money on American companies, now Russia is spending their money on Iranian war equipment rather than our products. We trade with China & other Asian countries to get cheaper priced products in our stores, which helps the lower & working class that are the backbone of our economy. We get a lot of our spices from India. Speak of high cost of electricity if you don't also have solar & of dams that are deteriorating in our own country, Ukraine raised the price of power from the power plants there & blocked off a lot of dams in Ukraine limiting water supplies to citizens, especially the dam to Crimea was completely blocked off = NO WATER, depriving 3+ million Russians born in Crimea of water for 8 years. Crimea's agriculture experienced a drought! Ukrainians also fought against the Russians born in the four other territories (Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, & Zaporizhzhia) for the past 8 years trying to drive the Russians out of those territories to take over the territories. Are the Russians who were born in Crimea, Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, & Zaporizhzhia being driven out of their lands in mass Exodus by Ukraine? Will Russia have any reason to continue to supply water to Ukraine if there are no longer any Russians in the territories? What if Russia then decides it no longer needs to provide the water. All the water supplied to Ukraine that supplies its agriculture to supposedly feed the world comes from Russia's Dnipro (Dnieper), Donets, Pripyat, & Seym Rivers. If the Russians who were born in these 5 territories are driven out by the Ukrainians by mass Exodus, then Russia will have no reason to continue supplying water to Ukraine. Russia will most likely build dams blocking the flow of water from all four rivers to Ukraine, drying up its agriculture in retaliation for blocking the dam to Crimea & the territories. Then Russia reroutes its pipelines, and therefore, no tax funds for the pipes running through. All Ukraine will have left are damaged power plants and major drought. The US will not see much of the billions of dollars of Aid returned. I hope the US at least collected gold bars from Ukraine's treasury. If nothing else, the companies that build war equipment will have big profits while our economy sinks into the stone-age with rising inflation, high gas prices, volunteers having to build trenches to fight forest fires, an unprotected border wall with thousands flocking in daily, people with mental health issues shooting up our grocery stores, malls, schools, & theatres + road-rage shootings due to cuts to the mental health system, illegal immigrants car-jacking & robbing our citizens, foreigners in foreign coffee shops scamming our citizens of their life savings through their cellphones & online, and now on top of it, a threat to the well-being of our national security by engaging in overseas conflicts with other foreign world super-powers which we were on friendly terms with. Come the next election, the American people will be considering all these issues!

  2. Ryan, "Those people that say our election was fraudulent."
    Since WHEN has an individuals opinion criminal?
    It's absolutely hilarious that Democrats, who denied Bush was illegitimate, and again denied him in 2004.
    Then AGAIN in in 2016 Democrats denied Trump was legitimate, that Russia was responsible for Hillary's loss.

  3. Neither canidate has a grasp on the Ukraine situation. Had Sec of State Blinken taken NATO membership for Ukraine of the table the conflict would not have happened. Nor does either mention that the US promoted a movement overturning a legally elected govenment in 2014. The same people who promoted and asssisted in that overthrow (Nuland, Blinken, Sullivan and Biden a) are back with the Biden Admin and are cointinuing the sick agenda of regime change in Russia. A well run debate in Ohio, props to the organizers and questioners.

  4. Seems to me that Tim should join MAGA republicans since him and Trump are the only ones willing to get tough on China and get those tariffs done but he also says he will have to destroy the extremist MAGA movement first … yeah, okay. Totally phony. 😮😂😂😂

  5. Just because JD Vance raised money for some of the people doesn't mean he promotes violence. Many of them have been there in jail in DC or wherever for almost 2 years without being charged, with their rights being violated,some beaten kept in solitaire in most despicable conditions and didn't do anything more but walk into the capitol because they were let in,waved in etc. Some people were arrested that never went inside no violence and no destruction. And people aren't being charged with insurrection. But look at what BLM did 2 summers ago and antifa etc. And Ashley Babbitt was murdered,unarmed. I don't appreciate being called an insurrectionist or a threat to democracy because I am a maga supporter. And I have never been to Washington.

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