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Olive Oil-Fried Eggs with Garlic

Today I’m making olive oil-fried eggs. Cooking eggs with olive oil is more common in Italy and Spain, but maybe I can make healthier eggs here in the USA, too. I love sunny-side up fried eggs, and they fry up quickly, so it’s not a lot of time to fry in the oil. Olive oil and garlic make a perfect pair, so I’m adding fresh chopped garlic as well. Try eggs fried in olive oil and tell me what you think…it’s delicious and makes a perfect salad topping.

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32 thoughts on “Olive Oil-Fried Eggs with Garlic”

  1. As you mentioned Europeans mostly from the south use olive oil not just for salad but for frying especially sea food… and a lot of garlic!!!
    I'm from Austria just 5 hours away from the Italian border, and we use it too!
    Healthy and tasty!

  2. This recipe reminds me of growning up. One of my favorite things in the spring time we had was Killed lettuce and onions. We would pick early young lettuce out of the garden and early spring onions. Mom would fry up fatback bacon and use the grease to pour over cut up lettuce and onions. She wold chop up the fatback and sprinkle that over the lettuce and onions. I guess that would have been lardoons. During hog killing time in the late fall when the fat was rendered down for lard my mom would make Cracklings. Man, we were eating keto and just didn't know it. Great Video

  3. Listen my friend I Don t think olive oil is made to fry eggs in . Olive oil must be taken raw like on steamed fish pa sta dishes salads etc. Fried stuff should use good frying oil but not olive oil.Anyway good bye Thanks

  4. You are right about olive oil and garlic combo! They taste awesome together and improve the recipes a lot. This eggs recipe looks delicious. Miss Camera Girl but you did pretty good with the steady Camera! Thank you for sharing, Chef Buck! Have a great weekend!

  5. I always fry my egg in olive oil as I love the taste. Funny, wanted to kiss a girl and then you wanted a red bicycle. Maybe if you got the red bicycle first, you would of then have no problems attracting girls. Like a guy with a fancy car, Ha!

  6. Hey Buck, a couple of years ago I was doing some research on Google to see what the most popular food item was being searched for when people wanted to know how to cook something. Believe it or not, I think eggs were number one. Which made me question why did so many videos on can mackerel and liver. I love eggs and this one looks great. By the way, size 34 pants are a lot easier to find than size 32 in my local thrift stores.

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