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One-Eyed Monster!

Ellen debuted a brand new game of monstrous proportions!


31 thoughts on “One-Eyed Monster!”

  1. How to find JoJo fans on the Ellen Show:
    Step 1: Play this game
    Step 2: Get an answer wrong
    Step 3: Pull the sensitive tooth
    Step 4: As the mouth is closing, yell "POLNAREFF! IGGY! LOOK OUT!" and then hold your arms out in the monster's mouth, meaning that when it closes, all they'll see are your arms.

    If everything goes right, those who understand the reference might* start crying.

    *Results may vary

  2. Attacked Taylor swift video and the follow up and the one where Ellen S”Xiually assaulted Jennifer Aniston and where Ellen attempts the same thing with Jimmy Fallon. He comes within a inch of slamming Ellen’s face in! And private conversations. I won’t disclose there.

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