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President Biden to forgive up to $20k of Student Loans for Individuals making $120k or Less

Biden has passed a bill that will erase Up To $20k of student Loans per individual making $120k or less.


27 thoughts on “President Biden to forgive up to $20k of Student Loans for Individuals making $120k or Less”

  1. As a free-lance journalist, I appreciate hearing tales like this. I believe my readers would find this story interesting even if it is none of my business. I concur that President Biden made a decent gesture with this. I appreciate the information.

  2. 'i m a freelance journalist and I love stories like this. Although it is none of my business, I think this is an interesting story for my readers. I also think this is a nice gesture from President Biden. Thanks for this information

  3. It's an act of kindness. Sky-high higher education costs coupled with stagnant wages have led to a spike in the amount of student debt people graduate with. Today, the average balance is more than $30,000, up from $12,000 in 1980. Even before the pandemic, when the U.S. economy was enjoying one of the healthiest periods in its history, problems plagued the federal student loan system.

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  5. This is good news for students who are conscious of their finances and who want to have a College degree. On the other hand, this program will affect government spending. If that is the case, the US government will look at how to increase revenue by helping entrepreneurs that will generate income and employment.

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