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Prevent Fracking through education – Affiliate program

#Fracking is a horrible idea and is something that we should avoid to the greatest extent possible. Until we not longer need heating or electrical energy from fossil fuel, practices that harm the environment will continue. Unfortunately until laws are in place to move our society to 100% renewable energy or politicians can’t receive money from companies that #frack, there will still be incentive to get natural gas.

If we could all improve our homes to not require natural gas, or use much less of it, then there is much less incentive to frack. In the process millions of #local #jobs are created in every city.

If you would like to help people understand this and make a difference in their homes, then I can help you make money as a result. Please join our affiliate program and help me get this information out there. This is the first part of uniting a community of Future Proofer’s who can solve environmental problems.

The more people know what they can do, the more we can unite others and work together to build a better world.


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