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Printing Money in Sea of Thieves (Season 6)

Printing Money in Sea of Thieves (Season 6)

If you’re trying to make gold in Sea of Thieves, then you arrived at the right destination, my friends. Because I am about to bestow upon you my knowledge.. Of how to make money. And not just that– I am here to show you how to make money FAST!

Farming gold is one of the corner stones of Sea of Thieves and that hasn’t changed in 2022. Quite the opposite, in fact, Season 6 has only opened up MORE opportunities to Level Up fast.
But despite popular belief, the Gold Hoarders aren’t the secret to making money. Nay, the Merchant Alliance are the true heroes when it comes to the art of farming gold.

Let me take you on a journey, showing you how I go about completing Commodity Runs with a bit of a twist. Enjoy!

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20 thoughts on “Printing Money in Sea of Thieves (Season 6)”

  1. I don’t really attack merchants, not because I feel bad for them because I find merchant stuff boring, because Merchants scare me, I’ve had my teeth kicked in and ship turned to Swiss cheese so quickly more by a Merchant rather than the reapers….I’ll fight a reaper but not a merchant

  2. with 3 trips/missions i can collect 100k!
    with the one that u have to find sinked ship u can collect like 60k or smth and with just that mision u get lvl 5 of faction and then u get the double mission and 20k per trip

  3. I have been grinding the sea forts alone on a sloop. I found out that they reset after you leave them so if you find one that is close to an outpost, you can just go back and forth and slowly build up your gold! It can get boring after about 3 runs but well worth it if you are just wanting easy money!

  4. welp proud to say i did your whole route as a solo slooper without firing a single cannon shot (wasn't attacked a single time), took around 4 and half hours but hey it works 🙂

  5. So I’m kind of confused on certain things. Do you hoard all the commodities until you reach the last outpost and sell them all at once? Wouldnt it be better to sell the sought after crates at the outpost as you come to them on the trade route? Wouldnt you lose money if you sell the same commodity to an outpost that already has a surplus?

  6. Idiot-Pirate here: why is it worth to just by everything (also the sought after high priced stuff) along the way and then sell everything (some of which is gonna be in excess and cheap as fuck) at morrows peak ? this completely ignores the rates upon which profit should be generated in this system ? In my head, your gonna lose money sometimes if you run this route because if you get really fucked rng on the rates your gonna buy a bunch on high rates and sell on lows. I know Im wrong, I just dont know where…. pls explain <3

  7. I was merch 5 and bought surpluss and sold to places with shortage and was only getting ~ 600 + (900)
    any ideas what I did wrong was to tired at the end of night to work out why but I would like to know for next time if this has been nerfed or somt…

  8. You didn't say which specific commodities you buy or sell at which Outpost or if you just buy everything everywhere and sell the ones in need at the respective Outpost. You just say that you sell everything in the end, but I guess you can make even more money if you care about which Outpost is in need of which commodity.

  9. Did they change how commodities affect emissary rank? I remember doing commodity runs recently and getting emissary rank for selling the commodity for a high profit (aka selling it where it was sought after)

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