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Putin Can't Touch Affiliate Marketing I Marketing Affiliate Programs is Here to Stay #shorts

#affiliatemarketing #digitalnomad #quityourdayjob

Despite what’s going on in the world today, Russia nor anyone eelse can touch affiliate marketing. Marketing affiliate programs by promoting affiliate links in PPC search, promoting affiliate programs on blogs, websites, and promoting affiliate programs in YouTube videos is here to stay.

Everyday people will always have an opportunity to change the way they think and get started making money online in affiliate marketing., Many politicians, including judges, police officers, lawyers, congressman, and prosecutors are allegedly marketing affiliate programs in secret by working from home in their spare time for affiliate commissions. Earning an affiliate commission from promoting any niche based affiliate program is possible for the everyday regular person.

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The affiliate marketing – freelance – performance marketing industry is here to stay and remains unphased by Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

This video was filmed at the Wilmington Homewood Suites hotel in beautiful downtown Wilmington.


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