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33 thoughts on “Putin's MOST DESTRUCTIVE Strikes On UKRAINE Yet”

  1. Real money has always been in tangible assets. If you can get your hands on strategic resources that's even better because that's a need rather than a want. Financialization has always been a bit of a con. Since 1972 though we've been in what's called the controlled disintegration of the economy phase (Paul Volcker).

  2. NAFO are second stage radicals. At 4th stage they graduate to terrorists. They are the current Q-Anon. Some "Fellas" claim to be paid for posting. Members cannot have an IQ higher than their mascot, according to gossip at the water fountain.

  3. La Rouge Ideas are all very good,but they will never work because there will always be the greed and the lust for power. When good will is thrown out the window no government will stand

  4. He selling the dead for body parts hence they get sent to front line with 8 bullets only so they have no chance each body goes to bio labs and the 4th industrial revolution 145 million each body even the ones Russia buried in respect they dug up so there must be a record kept he probably getting 1 million each body the buyer earn 45 million and the usa people have to back up the tab on debt plus Ukraine has to pay bk every penny spent lend and lease they get paid 3 x for one war

  5. China's economy has already passed the U.S: economy many years ago. But propagandists or ignorants still use nominal GDP instead of purchasing power parity (PPP) GDP. When comparing different nations, you should use GDP PPP. Nominal GDP is good for domestic use, but gives wrong idea if used comparing different nations. Like every tourist knows, there are expensive and inexpensive countries, same goods and services are much cheaper in one country than another, and this must be counted when comparing nations, and PPP GDP tries to do that, nominal GDP ignores it.
    Ten biggest economies 2020, by GDP PPP: 1. China, 2. USA, 3. India, 4.Japan, 5. Germany, 6. Russia, 7. Indonesia, 8. UK, 9. Brazil, 10. France (according to IMF).
    Ten biggest economies 2020, by (nominal) GDP: 1. USA, 2. China, 3. Japan, 4. Germany, 5. India, 6. UK, 7. France, 8. Canada, 9. Italy, 10. Brazil (according to IMF).

  6. White-house pledge of money = Money to the Democrats in the industrial military complex as the money does not get posted to Ukraine (with the exception of the Zelensky regimes salary and billion dollar sweeteners) it simply goes to the weapon supply manufacturers and loads of people in the political realm get richer.

    It has cost $347,000 USD per dead soldier in Ukraine so far so dead people means profit.
    Then we have the costs for medical and humanitarian efforts (western tax payer paid)
    Then we have the rebuilding contracts which will be around 1.2Trillion USD.

    Then we have the deliberate cut of supply, to falsely inflate prices to deliver less for more profit, the wool is pulled over your eyes with the smoke from Ukraine and the magic mirrors from our western propagandists and political people including the WEF.

    Ask yourself do your government care about the people in Ukraine? by feeding in death and destruction (weapons and paid mercenaries) and silence with peace talks….The silence is simple compliance to making money over saving life.

  7. What even is this video? Let's say Mexico invades Texas, because "we have a lot of mexicans there, also we feel like it belongs to us". Would you guys not resist??? What you are now saying is, that everyone is bad except Russia? Do I get this thing right? If so, what are you guys smoking, cuz I want some too!

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