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RANKING My TOP 14 Passive Income Streams [2022]

Here are 12 Passive income ideas that I’m currently using to make over $1400 per day and 2 bonus ones as well!

Let me know which one is your favorite.

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00:00 Introduction
00:56 Passive Income 1
02:06 Passive Income 2
03:32 Passive Income 3
05:00 Passive Income 4
06:09 Passive Income 5
07:57 Passive Income 6
09:24 Passive Income 7
10:59 Passive Income 8
12:16 Passive Income 9
13:42 Passive Income 10
15:02 Passive Income 11
16:40 Bonus
18:05 Passive Income 12
18:47 Bonus

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  1. Hey bro, I've done interviews with James Pelton and My Friend Andy… I'd love to have you on my channel as well to talk about your journey in crypto. Let me know the best way to reach out to you. Thanks brother.

  2. Check out Make Defi Better (MDB)! Their tokenomics are currently one of the best out there and they have been only growing during this bear market. There are 4 tokens that all feed back into their main one called MDB. They have a very interesting appreciating stable asset called Phoenix+ and you can stake with the Xenia Suite.

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