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Rep. Katie Porter On Uncalled House Race

Control of the U.S. House could come down to California. We talk with Rep. Katie Porter about her nail-biting race against Scott Baugh and her run against dark money.
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Ballots were cast and results of the 2022 midterm elections are still trickling in. Follow the most important races as House and Senate control still hangs in balance:

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26 thoughts on “Rep. Katie Porter On Uncalled House Race”

  1. It seems that the women have to work twice as hard to achieve half the results! YOU ARE A FORMIDABLE WOMAN – Thank you for what you bring to the table! Your common sense politics is worth voting for!

  2. When pols like Porter are on "news" shows and want to talk about the issues, the host always wants to know about what a republican has to say about her. They avoid issues that might hurt their bosses channel.

  3. Katie Porter is a sterling example of how every congressperson should be, fighting for her constituents. The Repub platform is to ban books, speak for all women, fight with voting laws, fight with trans kids and vilify their poor parents, fight with immigrants and refugees, and fight with Democrats. No platform except protect their rich benefactors. Rule by insult and conflict.

  4. She is one of the best communicators in all of Congress and a dogged representative for the working class. I can't understand how this is even close. I'm also not sure why only 78% of votes are reporting in her district at day 6 post election day.

  5. Watching from outside the USA, I am stunned by the way that obvious lies become a "truth" for so many.
    I am constantly amazed that US citizens allow the awfully bad healthcare system to exist.
    I get free healthcare – completely free and yet we pay about the same taxes (less if you count the health insurance premiums) and I am very happy to pay my taxes because so little goes to fund the rich getting richer.
    So many lies are told by people who are paid to spread disinformation – and the US citizens swallow it and then regurgitate it as fact.
    I listened to some ignorant fools (little old ladies) saying that a rise in the minimum wage is bad – what ? Poor people given more money spend it inside the economy, rich people hide it away and do not spend it.
    More people like Katie Porter, John Fettermann (I hope i got that correct) and Bernie Sanders are needed – but I fear that the citizens will keep enthusiastically shooting themselves in the foot.

  6. Katie Porter is a great representative. She does her job well and represents the people. To think she could be replaced by some MAGA extremist is shameful. A house member that works for the people and they'll vote for a bought and paid for authoritarian election denying religious extremist. It's just insanity and stupidity we should have to deal with. The GOP pumped so much money into that election and almost all of it was from corporate America looking for business as usual. Trump ran the same plan book and actually just went bigger with the tax breaks and trickle down BS

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