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Home » ‘RICH PEOPLE DON’T CARE:’ Billionaire CEO issues warning on NYC crime

‘RICH PEOPLE DON’T CARE:’ Billionaire CEO issues warning on NYC crime

CEO of New York City supermarket chain Gristedes John Catsimatidis discusses rising crime and inflation and the crippling impact it has on New York City grocery stores. 

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37 thoughts on “‘RICH PEOPLE DON’T CARE:’ Billionaire CEO issues warning on NYC crime”

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  2. Inflation is not moderating. Anyone that believes we aren’t going to end up with hyperinflation is delusional. You can’t print and endless amount of dollars and not suffer the consequences.

  3. NYC needs to secede from Albany or subsidize its people. The MAX unemployment rate is $500 PER WEEK!!! Manhattan is just about done. Why people cannot grow a pair and make demands is beyond me. Social media has created a society where sameness rather than righteousness reigns. Tsk, tsk!!

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