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Home » RTD Goes Woke For Series 14 and 15 of DOCTOR WHO with Climate Teaser (But is 100% Right and Based)

RTD Goes Woke For Series 14 and 15 of DOCTOR WHO with Climate Teaser (But is 100% Right and Based)

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26 thoughts on “RTD Goes Woke For Series 14 and 15 of DOCTOR WHO with Climate Teaser (But is 100% Right and Based)”

  1. What is the actual problem with them covering climate change it’s a serious problem sorry if you to butt hurt to accept that but grow the F up that’s not wokness that’s warning about the future people who bitch about this are idiots

  2. Neoliberalism is based. Populism is destroying democracy. No functional difference between far leftists and rightists in terms of conspiracy and anti democratic tendencies, notice how they both support Russia for instance. Evo Morales' support of Putin should wake up any socialists still under the impression their movement isnt as bogged down with nuttery as the fascists.

  3. I respectfully disagree that individual action has no or little impact on climate change. I can certainly remember that shows like Blue Peter in the 1980s were readily talking about the impact of the individual. Of course, this doesn't mean that corporations aren't hugely responsible for a lot of it, but with us using more technology as a species, we've kind of allowed said corporations to be so destructive.

    Now, I'm certainly not suggesting we all throw our smartphones away and live off the land, but I think it displays a certain naivety to suggest – however slightly – that our actions aren't in someway contributing to climate change. In essence, it's both: the government needs to find a way of disallowing corporations to cause environmental damage, while at the same time we as individuals should also do our part. Obviously, a lot of those individuals work for these corporations; surely it's beyond the realms of possibility that some of them could enact change at some point.

    What's fascinating to me is that I've been reviewing some my writing from 30 odd years ago. What struck me was how much of a closet firebrand I was, especially in matters environmental. That fact things have only worse over the decades shows a need for more on the nose storytelling, like Orphan 55. Metaphor and analogy simply doesn't cut it anymore. Arguably, the seeming reluctance to deal with environmental issues governmentally started with the formation of the Green Party. As soon as you launch a party based on particular issue, the other parties become reluctant to address those issues. It's why UKIP, for example, were roundly ignored for such a long time, and rightly so. I certainly don't think it's Conservative to state individual responsibility; more conservationist, I would have thought.

  4. When I was watching S1 and S4 recently and Nine talked about getting killed by "global warming" (as the climate catastrophe was called back then) or s4 makes jokes about the bees dying (or disappearing as they said), I thought: "Oh god! Now naive and stupid and arrogant does that sound now! They're joking and/or dismissing something that is a real worry now!"

  5. One thing I love about Russell’s writing is that he never holds back. He says that harsh true When there’s a real life problem and He’ll make sure it’s said out loud.

    So excited for him coming back. Just hope Murray Gold’s coming back too.

  6. I'm still not 100% convinced about David Tennant being back at all. Especially having that being announced around the same time we get the first black Doctor. Just feels like they're trying to drum up nostalgia at the expense of overshadowing the new guy coming in. A load of people will watch David Tennant come back and then just immediately complain the show is shit now he's not in it…

  7. At this time, what is the point in me even living anymore? Everyday, my head is full of worry and I get so sad and scared about every horrible thing and the bleak future approaching. Knowing that the rich have all the power, that nobody without it can change a damn thing. All I do is wake up and worry. I'm alone and terrified and feel my only way out is the the thing I fear most – dying. I'm out of options. Out of hope and I'm so fucking desperate Im writing this in a comment section. Hoping that someone can hear me but they wont. Even if they did, it wouldn't help. I cant stand this world anymore. Its cruel, dark, depressing and so scary. I dont want much. I just want to be ok. I feel like, what if this is my fault?

    I am so scared I dont do anything. I cant live a life in total fear. I've seen doctors and nurses and therapists. Live in the moment. Why? To distract yourself that life for an avarage person is shit. The rich and political are to blame. They did all of this.

    I feel like I've gone mad. Nobody can help me or even care. They can't help and shouldn't care. Why do we all just accept what the rich do to us? Why dont we stand up for ourselves and have peace and equality for all? It's because this isnt a fairy tail planet. The universe is so huge and endless and this is what life is here on earth. Sad, miserbale and helpless.

    This past year, I dont even plan the following week. Each week, I'm unsure of if I'll be alive the next.

    I hope you all can one day celebrate the light at the end of the tunnel. I fear for me, the tunnel is too dark and scary to even bother with it anymore.

    I'm so pathetic and broken. I've been autistic and social inept all my life. I would love to be able to yell and scream to the world about what change is needed. Why we should all be together and change this for the better. I'm so inept I cant even do that. That's how shit I am. In the face of doom, I just cower and cry – just like everyone else.

  8. It is indeed marveloous how the big corporations have convinced a lot of people to focus on their own individual actions to fix the climate while letting the corporations go on doing business as usual.

  9. Something I'm glad to hear is Russell is aware of the importance of shaking up the series and how Sci Fi is a bit too reliant on formula, a sentiment I would apply to Chibnall's approach as showrunner.

  10. ok, I know this might be offensive but, if they introduce a "gay doctor" they'll please twitter, but ratings are going down in the drain. People just want it to be back to normal again and plus half the "lgbtq+" people on twitter don't even watch doctor who so what's the point, just saying that hopefully Russel T davies really fixes this show up,

  11. so it sounds like we are going to get a doctor that is going to have more "orpan 55" like stories where the doctor preaches about climate change and becomes another greta and says "how dare you", the ruination continues
    the twilight zone ('59 – 64") did preachy right where the chibs era did it wrong.

  12. It’s going to be a sh*t-show. RTD is now a full-on rabid eurocommie leftist (‘IF YOU TAKE THE “T” OUT OF “LGBT” IT’S MURDER!’) . . .

    And no – there is no ‘climate crisis’, mate, the ‘science’ is not ‘settled’, ergo please don’t cite me that in paying exponentially higher taxes and supplanting meat for maggots that you’re going to stop the weather from happening. Odd, isn’t it, that ‘climate change’ displaces migrants to the West but never the other way around . . . 🤔

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