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Save Money on Food | Mongolian Homestead Simple Living

We share basic food recipes and ideas that we make on our homestead in Mongolia to help us save money. These recipes are great additions to help you add amazing flavour to your cooking. We also show you how to make our own bacon at home and with these easy recipe you will be able to save a lot of money. These tips and tricks help us to because more self sufficient and self sustainable here in Mongolia.
This is all part of the adventure and joinery to an off-grid homestead in the land of the blue sky.

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21 thoughts on “Save Money on Food | Mongolian Homestead Simple Living”

  1. Instead of a plastic bag, you can use 1-2 whole cabbage leaves. After inspecting and removing dirty leaves from cabbage, remove 1-2 large leaves, wash, and if they are hard, scald with boiling water. These sheets then beautifully press the chopped cabbage in a jar.

  2. Хөдөө байдаг тэр хүлэмжийн талаар яагаад олигтой юм үзүүлсэнгүй вэ? Бусдын хийсэн сайн сайхан юмыг бусдад сайн үзүүлж харуулахгүй яасан юм бэ.

  3. Өөрсдийн мэддэг чаддаг зүйлсээ бидэнтэй хуваалцаж байгаад баярлалаа. Хүүдээ их зүйлсийг зааж сургаж өвлүүлэх мундаг аав байна. ❤❤❤

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