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Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Special Edition “Ultimate Mixing Set”

This is a swatching video of Schmincke’s new collaboration palette with New Zealand abstract artist Evan Woodruffe – known for using bold and vibrant colour. It contains 9 half pan single pigmented colours in a compact palette. If we ignore the marketing title “Ultimate Mixing Set”, this is a rather wonderful palette. All 9 colours are less common colours among Schmincke’s other premade palettes. Only two colours are repeated compared to even the 48 signature set. The 9 colours are standout and unique in their own way. Four of them are granulating pigments which enables you to create mixes with a trendy granulated look. This makes a great addition for someone working with only a limited basic palette.

As an “Ultimate Mixing Set”, the colour selection is not your typical core mixing colours. Arguably, it could be seen as a modern CMY triad along with a nice selection of other colours. Then, the only thing puzzling me is the choice of mixing yellow. Turner’s Yellow has an opacifying character in mixes that often leads to an undesirable chalky look. In contrast, a mid-yellow like Nickel Azo Yellow PY150 with Quinacridone Magenta and Phthalo blue, would have resulted in a more compatible harmonic choice for a transparent high intensity triad. That being said, as there are 9 extra spaces to personalise, it can certainly become one’s own ultimate customised palette. Therefore, the name is somewhat misleading, but the palette is a joy.

Hope my video helps some of you if you are considering it. Enjoy life one beautiful colour at a time!


As always my swatching videos are colour calibrated. Calibration of your monitor will show the colours more faithfully.
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The colours swatched in this video are:
219 Turner’s Yellow
218 Transparent Orange
369 Quinacridone Magenta
370 Potters Pink
473 Cobalt Violet Hue
477 Phthalo Sapphire Blue
483 Cobalt Azure
513 Viridian
784 Perylene Green

00:00 Introduction
03:16 Swatching Turner’s Yellow, Transparent Orange, Quinacridone Magenta
05:02 Swatching Potters Pink, Cobalt Violet Hue, Phthalo Sapphire Blue
06:32 Swatching Cobalt Azure, Viridian, Perylene Green
08:02 Swatching Mixes
19:42 Swatch Gallery
20:19 Artwork Showcase

Epidemic Sound

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48 thoughts on “Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Special Edition “Ultimate Mixing Set””

  1. Nice swatching! Putting washi tape on sharp edges help. PS, I did a light fastness test on both PR 202 and PR122 in several watercolor brands, nearly 8 months in south facing window during longest warmest days of the year. PR202 is not more light-fast than PR122. In fact, my Schmincke Purple Magenta PR122 didn't fade. The PR202 faded slightly.

  2. They look like lovely colours and I was really hoping you’d do a full painting, it’s the only way you are going to get a real idea of how the colours work together, swatching doesn’t really give you any indication of how the colours complement each other or blend well together, this is only seen by doing different paintings…

  3. Thank you for the video- loved all of your mixes! I got that palette a few weeks ago and played a little bit with it. I miss my Nickel Azo Yellow in it – like you said in the video description. But overall I'm very happy with the set!

  4. This brand is sooo expensive here in Brasil, for the price that package shouldn't hurt the user, I think the lid should be flat inside!!!!
    It is you that do the sample card? I just saw they in your videos!!! Can you do a art colection , storage tour?

  5. Thanks for this. I look forward to some mixing, as you describe in the subtitles. I have all the colours as tubes, so I will try some mixes. It is strange that an "ultimate" mixing palette does not have any earth tones. I miss burnt sienna or yellow ochre, or raw umber to get those warm dark darks that perylene green does not reach. I read that this palette was a collaboration with an artist. Perhaps this is good for florals…but for anyone doing urban landscapes, natural environments or animals, there are several shades missing. By the way, try using some black electric insulation tape on the shap edges. They will feel smooth and will give you a lot of extra protection.

  6. Wow… a NZ collab w/c set! Being a Kiwi, I was excited for a hot minute….and having never heard of Woodruffe, i rushed to take a quick look at his website to see what I was missing out on… But… I mean, well… i guess I can say the colours he uses are nice and wouldn’t look at all out of place front and centre stuck with a magnet to his proud mum’s fridge. 🤔 I guess I don’t understand the intricacies of abstract squiggles a kindergartener could do and appreciate it as high art…

  7. Lovely video, but I have a tip how to install the pans. You don’t put them in like this, you need to bend the metal bar inwards, and then press the pans in. This way this little clip at the top of the metal bar grabs the pan and they really click in and are arrested, so that they cannot move any more. Btw, which paper did you use for the swatching card?

  8. Your video editing is fantastic. Great shots, lighting, mood, I even loved the sound effects. It was very relaxing and informative. I think it would be a step better with a voice over instead of the text, but I realize that's a lot more work.

  9. Very beautiful but definitely not an original split primary. I looked through the description for the swatching tags that you use but couldn't find any info about them. Could you please let me know where you get them? It's a great way to keep mixes with the palette or just for fun color inspiration. Have a wonderful day and thanks for reviewing these.

  10. I just ordered mine at a great price on Jackson’s. Can’t wait to get it. I have another “Special Edition” set that I love ❤and some of the super granulating colors too! Schmincke is one of my top brands! Keep making these “Special Edition” curated sets. They’re great!

  11. Hi!
    Love your videos! They bring me much peace and joy.
    Would you mind if I ask where do you get those super cute watercolor paper tags you use for swatching colors? Or do you make them yourself? If so, would you please consider showing how do you make them?
    Thank you so much and congratulations for such an amazing content. 😊

  12. Such a nice video! love the colours in this set! I do not yet own a set of schmincke paints but would love to, do you think this would be a good first set or should i maybe get the "normal" 12 or 24 set?

  13. This is a great and soothing video. I have this set and love it. I really with you'd show the mixing part so that we can see how much you are blending before putting paint to paper. I'm wondering if your first swipes are of the single color or already mixed? Can you tell more about that. Thanks.

  14. Beautiful and relaxing ,some very surprising mixing, I'm finding how useful potters pink is for mixing 💗. Actually I have a few of these pigments already so I really just need 4 to make that same set. To bad the tin has no rolled edges ,these sets can be expensive and they should have made more of an effort in my opinion
    Have a creative weekend, love your videos

  15. PR122 is totally lighfast , a year of test in full sun in the south of France … that’s ridiculous really!!! It’s just because this pigment is used in conjonction with fluo dyes to make opera rose/pink that it gas so bad reputation(only with some “watercolourist”) That’s really unfair.

  16. Vielen Dank für die schöne Vorstellung der Schminke Farben, ich bin begeistert gerade von den verschiedenen Farbmischungen. Ich könnte mich nicht entscheiden. Super sind die gemalten Bilder.

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