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Home » SCORPIO – You're Doing What No One Would… *FREEDOM* October 10th – 16th Tarot Reading

SCORPIO – You're Doing What No One Would… *FREEDOM* October 10th – 16th Tarot Reading

This is a general tarot reading for the sign of Scorpio for the week of October 10th – 16th, 2022.

I DO NOT DO PERSONAL READINGS! Anyone messaging you offering that is impersonating me and trying to take your money!

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All tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. I am not a medical professional and cannot give legal, financial, or medical advice. The responsibility is your own.

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37 thoughts on “SCORPIO – You're Doing What No One Would… *FREEDOM* October 10th – 16th Tarot Reading”

  1. I really love that deck, it's so beautiful. What the world card means to me is strictly about my closing of cycles
    I've closed a Karmic cycle and I plan to close any cycles that do/will not serve my highest good

  2. scorpio male, funny I never had good luck in my life ,but the stretch off just bad luck iv been hit with these past 2-3 years is bad especially this new year ,right of the bat on the first boom💥 something went wrong and it's been other than my health my family which I'm blessed and thankful, it's been dead nothing!

  3. scorpio male, I honest or aleast try too,but I'm always looking foward too the challenges ,win or lose but I like them,and although it may not show I'm really always thinking positive, even in the struggles i keep hope alive ,not because it's what I'm supposed too do,but because iv done it many times, so i experienced, success in or where thier was no hope,plus it works for me because my words match my passion my fire burning inside, because you could say the right words do the right routines, but if in your head your doubting its going too fail

  4. Absolutely loved this reading and my spirit guides confirmed every word of your reading for me and thank your guides too are spirit teams are amazing and along with my premonitions we’re on the right track .

    Many blessings 😊🍾

  5. Hi, Zane and thanks for the pleasure off your work and God bless you for the pleasure off your work. 👍😇😊😘🙏♥️💖🌹😃😃😀🎈🙌🙌☺️

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