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Secure & Portable File Storage The EASY Way!

When I go to a convention, I want to make sure the tech devices I’m bringing with me are secure, lightweight, and wouldn’t let anyone snoop on my data. This problem is solved with the Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 80 SSD

0:00 Why you need a secure portable SSD
0:58 Device overview
3:18 Encryption standards
4:19 Admin panel & settings
7:21 Speed tests


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FTC disclosure: This device was gifted by Kingston for review.

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36 thoughts on “Secure & Portable File Storage The EASY Way!”

  1. Why not just take any old SSD, put it in an enclosure and encrypt it with Versacrypt? As Versacrypt is supported by Windows, MAC-OS, ARM, Linux, and Raspberry Pi? It seems just as secure to me and at a fraction of the price.

  2. If you haven't seen it yet, I'd highly recommend checking out the IODD line of drives, specifically the IODDMini. M.2 drive with the same encryption standard, but it also allows booting from the device as a USB DVD drive, virtual hard drive, or virtual floppy. Even works to direct boot VHD or VMDK files. They have a new one out also called the ST400 that works as a BYOD enclosure with encryption. Good stuff!

  3. In the (Amazon) product description: "XTS-AES 256GB Encrypted"

    Wow! That's 2,199,023,255,552-bit encryption! That sounds very secure! 😏

    btw- 1GB = 1024^3 bytes; 256*8*1024^3 = 2,199,023,255,552

  4. You can save money and have a faster transfer rate by purchasing something like the Samsung T7 2 TB, and with Win 11 Pro, you can create a Bitlocker encryption and if you use the WSL with Ubuntu, you can and LUKS. You would have two layers of encryption, with separate keys and still runs faster. I keep my VMs, etc. on such a device so, multiple layers of protection.

  5. Hi Shannon,
    Really nice video. I love this idea and think it will become more widespread as time goes on. Unfortunately someone like me could never use it because the blind and vision impaired are never considered when manufacturers come up with ideas like this. Unless you can unlock it when you connect it to your computer with the keyboard there is no way we would be able to use it. You are spending so much on the device already, perhaps had they included a 3.5 mil jack for headphones then one could be guided by spoken prompts.

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