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SEO Marketplace | Is Legiit An SEO Marketplace?

SEO Marketplace | Is Legiit An SEO Marketplace?

In today’s video I am going to answer a question I get a lot; is Legiit and SEO marketplace?

In other words does Legiit only offer SEO services?

Is Legiit even just a marketplace?

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I am also going to give you some background information on Legiit, how it began, some feature you may not know about, and some hints of what is to come.


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00:00 Introduction
00:42 Is Legiit An SEO Marketplace?
00:53 The History Of Legiit
04:14 Where is Legiit Now?
05:34 Legiit Demo
11:40 Legiit Social
12:43 SEO Marketplace
13:35 Content Marketplace
14:03 Consulting Marketplace
14:28 Legiit Job Board
14:41 Legiit Courses
16:18 So is Legiit an SEO Marketplace?
16:54 Should you start an SEO marketplace?
17:36 The Future Of Legiit
17:49 Wrap Up

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So if you’ve ever wondered if Legiit is an SEO Marketplace, this is the video for you!


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