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Silver Dollar City Opening Weeks – Sir Willow's Park Tales

It’s the start of a new year, and there are some new things, some old things returning, and some construction going on. Here’s a look around the park as it starts the 2022 season.

A behind the scenes look at what a former worker at Disney World, Silver Dollar City, and Busch Gardens Florida experienced in his time working at the parks. From driving large safari trucks around live wild animals while cracking one silly joke after another, to spending 5 years as a #PhotoPass photographer at #WaltDisneyWorld and seeing and experiencing all sorts of things, to being a conductor and #trainrobber on the famous Frisco Silver Dollar Line at #SilverDollarCity. With 10 years of working in the parks, there’s lots of stories to tell. Here is some of them…

Not only did I work in theme parks for 10 years, I’ve visited a whole lot of them as well. Here’s some stories of great visits, not so great visits, favorites, reviews, and much more.

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9 thoughts on “Silver Dollar City Opening Weeks – Sir Willow's Park Tales”

  1. I admit I've not been over there for a few years myself due to moving to South Dakota. There is one shop though I've not seen anyone take footage of yet and that's the new location for the Magic shop. I've not seen anything on it and I'm curious do they still do magic shows?

  2. Is Fire in the Hole usually that busy? I don't hear much about it so I'm wondering if that has to do with the possibility of it getting removed.
    Also, sometimes I watch videos silently with the subtitles as to not disturb thither occupants of my house. I know they're auto-generated but if you can change them at all, might be a good plan.

  3. That conductor for the train is my absolute favorite! (No offense George). He’s so funny and keeps everyone engaged while waiting in the train station. He told us all about how the Hershand brothers bought the train and thought they’d loose everything.

    The Bolan brother in the middle does such a great job of playing the robber that anytime my 8 year old sees him somewhere else in the park he whispers to me ‘they let the bad guy out of the woods’ 🤣

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