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Social Media Marketing Strategy Explained – Inside The Mind Ep. 1

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What is social media marketing?

Are there online marketing strategies that are going to be the best for me?

Could somebody please just explain social media marketing in a way that makes sense?

The answer is YES!

Inside the Mind is a show about online marketing strategy that attempts to answer many of the common questions about using the internet to successfully promote your business and get more traffic, leads and sales.

In this first episode of Inside The Mind, we take a broad overview of online marketing, and how social media, blogs, email, and everything plays together in an online marketing/social media strategy.

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24 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing Strategy Explained – Inside The Mind Ep. 1”

  1. @SkylerSweetTV Thanks so much Skyler! Yeah the production quality of the videos only gets better from here on out. 🙂

    Question, only because you're a youtuber… would you be willing to leave a video response on this, as it will tell youtube and google that this is a video worth ranking higher 🙂

  2. @silverkissme Of course you can show it in your business class! And tell them to come over to tommyisastrategist's channel and have them subscribe too… this is just the first of many videos to come (we just finished episode 4 and it is AWESOME!)

  3. Nice strategy for social media. I prefer to use press releases (i guess i have a little more help from dolnetmedia . com ) but it gets results! Sales Sales and Sales 🙂

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