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STARLINK Head to Head! (Residential vs Portable/RV for Full Time RV)

We’ve been using Starlink (Portability) for about six months now, all over the place. Quality and speeds seem to be all over the place, so when we got another Starlink for our Cabin, we were curious how the residential and portable versions stack up! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Click SHOW MORE to see all of the details related to this video!


00:00 Intro
00:51 What is Throttling?
01:59 Portability vs Mobility
02:26 Stalink Equipment
03:34 Antenna Placement
04:35 Types of Service (Residential vs RV vs Portability)
06:44 Starlink App Features
09:06 Starlink Advanced Speed Testing
10:30 Head-To-Head Testing
15:20 How to Order NOW
19:48 Our Recommendations
20:52 Working From The Road
22:25 Our Plan Going Forward
23:26 Outtakes!

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34 thoughts on “STARLINK Head to Head! (Residential vs Portable/RV for Full Time RV)”

  1. There have been some questions about the efficacy of the tests given each phone was hitting different test servers… There are two reasons I think the different servers had little effect on the tests: First, those servers and the internet backbone from starlink ground stations are designed to handle MUCH faster traffic than the sub-100Mbps tests I was running. It might affect latency more than throughput but that wasn't what I was focused on. Second, you can see in the test I did at 19:18 (after changing the address on the portable service) that the same servers are still being used and the speed tests are identical. Which is even more proof the throttle was service address based. The test was not scientific nor perfect, but I do believe it was a fair test and proved Starlink Portable was throttled compared to the Residential (at residence) service.

    We ordered Residential Starlink after your post.
    Did you order Mesh for your Cabin?
    We live in a rural area with absolutely HORRIBLE internet options. We live stream as well. Our single story level home is approx. 1800 Sq. Ft.

  3. Awesome work man, thanks for the info. Also love all the videos you have put out as they have helped me a ton as i am new to RV world.

    Just one issue on your head to head testing using the 3rd party application. Your results will be wildly different since the capacity of the servers your testing to are different. On your Cabin connection that latency is lower and it's connecting to Morris Broadband, LLC, in Hendersonville, NC, and performs better. Your RV is testing to Truvista Communications Toccoa, GA, with over 100ms in latency, and way lower performance. If you want to get a true head to head on your 3rd party app you must make sure your testing it to the same Speed test server.

    Just looking at the side by side, you have 63ms and jitter of 16ms on the cabin, and 111ms and 32ms of jitter on your trailer, the jitter would also make a large difference too.

    To get a fair test could you run it again, but with both pointing at Morris Broadband, then again both pointing at TruVista. I think you might be surprised that they are closer in performance than you think. I have been testing Starlink for months now as we are considering using them for deployment for my place of work.

  4. Good info, we are new to this and I will be working from the road. Connected remotely through a VPN to the office. Cad and engineering work, we only have a T-mobile MiFi and our phone hotspots. I am looking for some redundancy. Would you recommend this or a Verizon, GTE hotspot? Our plan is to travel in the rig during summer months, (also Floridians) lol. Taking delivery next week of a 2023 397THS-R (custom red-white-blue).

  5. I have one thing to say…WOW! I've been searching and searching for a layperson's instructional video on internet mobility options for RV's and I've found it in yours. It makes sense! THANK YOU. (most are inadequate or above my paygrade) We're not FT RV'rs but may be some day and we need affordable good connectivity for work. LIKED! SUBSCRIBED! Thanks again!

  6. Wow, lots to think about now. I thought Starlink was the cure for cancer but with throttling and all those disconnections, I'm not even sure I want it anymore. I'm a gamer and I'm not even sure I could play through the disconnections. Also, I like campgrounds with trees. Trees are nice and I don't want to live in the desert just so I can get internet.

  7. Great video and so easy to understand! We received our RV version a few weeks ago and tried it RV version and it worked great in an area where there was no cell service. We had roughly 45% of the view of the sky and did cut out quite a bit but not when watching streaming video. Tried the WiFi calling feature and worked well. When I lost signal, it kept the line open and sometimes it would go silent for the time it was down but when it came back, I was still connected to the person I called. Pretty cool! Thanks again, and I subscribed and rang the bell 🙂

  8. Fantastic video Chad! Best I've seen on the topic so far. And the rice burners???? Yeah, I feel the same way. Like adding an annoying muffler is going to improve performance on your 150hp car. Sheesh! Hi Tara!

  9. How large is the home area on residential service?

    When I was with Directv, a home area was a very large patch of ground. It had parts of 4 states in it. Local channels were spot beamed to each area, so people could get their local channels potentially hundreds of miles from home.

    If the "local area" beam is large enough with Starlink, many people would be able to use it in their campers without having to address change or add portability.

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