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Start Your KDP Niche Research Like This – Low and Medium Content Books

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The biggest issue a lot of KDP Low content and medium content book publishers on Amazon have is coming up with ideas for what books to actually publish. It can feel overwhelming, with the amount of information on Amazon, to actually know where to start and how to go about finding and choosing a KDP niche. I take you step by step through the initial phases of efficiently doing research on Amazon and creating a spreadsheet of book ideas to publish. This provides a great starting point to then going on to choose what book to create and building your online business.

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00:00 The Problem
03:18 KDP Niche Research
04:07 Amazon Search Ideas
05:09 Broad Search Terms

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About this video – In this video I show you how to start doing KDP niche research as the first step to choosing which books to publish on Amazon.


39 thoughts on “Start Your KDP Niche Research Like This – Low and Medium Content Books”

  1. Hello, I am in the process of creating my first book. I was wondering…
    In Canva, can I use the free pictures for a book (I will alter of course) and use them? Or, do I have to have the paid version of Canva to be able to use the images in my book?
    Thank you so much.

  2. A bit off topic question…but I’ve received a few reviews lately complaining of the “quality of paper”-saying it’s thin and bleeds through- have you dealt with that issue? Is it depending on where Amazon is having it printed, or is it just super picky people? I’ve gotten some of my coloring books to see how they are, and they always seem okay to me. (I always only use one sided printing). It just bothers me that this negative review is not based on anything in my control. Thanks for being a good go to resource for KDP!

  3. Do the search terms change in Amazon KDP? I started looking at hunting coloring books in August and not much came up, but now there are many that pop up with the same search words. Is this because it's hunting season so more people are looking for these coloring books or because Amazon did something with its search results or both?

    I have been doing better picking titles that now pop up on the first page if not the first place on search results.

  4. Hi Paul can you explain how taxes work for UK authors doing KDP please. I believe Amazon in the US take taxes for books sold, do we then also have to pay tax on royalties in the UK?

  5. Thanks for another great tip. Question. If you upload a few books and want draft copies before going live can you bunch those into 1 cart to save on shipping? Or is each upload to draft a separate purchase/shipping?

  6. Firstly gratitude to you. Thankyou Thankyou and Thankyou. I did follow and still following your way and just realised that I have sold 9 Books (Low Content books) since August… I am excited as a child
    Happy Diwali to you & God bless

  7. Pls I have a question how can you find out which low content books are in demand because I used the right keywords till now no sale the annoying aspect is that I saw a low content book that had no designed elements on the front cover just written words on it😔

  8. Amazon doesnt even upload the book back cover anymore? Is this for all books or only low content books? No more look inside and no more back covers?

  9. Thanks!

    I really love that you're revisiting some important topics. For me, it confirms that you still find that the programs and/or methods remain valid. Admittedly, I have made a few covers, but zero content because I'm still trying to figure out which program works best on a Mac.

    I'm sure you don't need any advice on how to monetize your channel, but I would love to see you do a weekly (or even monthly) live show where you present a brief, but timely topic and then answer some questions. I know I would happily pay a few dollars for you to answer one of my questions on the spot.

  10. Hi I need help with Mandala maker. I left a message there. I was concerned that since that was an old post that you might not see it. My name is Joanne Preston and it is posted on that video. Thanks

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