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STEAL Figma's $20 BILLION Digital Marketing Strategy

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Figma sold to Adobe for a massive $20 Billion. But how did it get there?

Find out exactly how Figma rose to be one of the most popular design platforms in today’s video.

⏲ Timestamps
00:00 — Intro
00:49 — Figma’s Website
09:54 — How Figma Gets Website Traffic
15:39 — Marketing Lessons from Figma

🔗 Mentioned Links / Resources
Figma ➡️
Xero ➡️


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Recorded by: Tim Cameron-Kitchen
Edited by: DirekVim
Thumbnail by: Dale Davies
Produced by: Tim Cameron-Kitchen, Dale Davies, and Jess Percival


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5 thoughts on “STEAL Figma's $20 BILLION Digital Marketing Strategy”

  1. As Adobe bought FIGMA for $20 Billion in September will they be changing any of these items? Or will Adobe just eat the company and hide it away a dark room as it's competition to one of their already active products?

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