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Stolen Consent: A Short Documentary

In this short documentary film, we explore how the lack of digital privacy puts Indian women at risk.

Journalist: Somya Lakhani
Cinematographer: Taruna Hooda
Assistant Cinematographer: Pratik Sagar
Additional Cameraperson: Janhavi Asthana
Scriptwriter: Bhavna Kankaria
Editor: Madhurima Basu Roy
Graphic Design: Pratik Bhide
Motion Design: Mayankesh Ranjan
Background Score: Rajarshi Sanyal
Sound Mixing: Sujan Sengupta
Voiceover: Shrishti Malhotra
Visual Researcher: Quoyina Ghosh

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33 thoughts on “Stolen Consent: A Short Documentary”

  1. Its some sick people … Not just a social media … People sitting next to you … In school office anywhere … M not der on any social media … And i have been through something similar … it has become a tool for the sick minds to harass

  2. this is something i had been waiting for, i showed this to my friend who thought women have it really easy, and after watching this combined with some arguments, he's considering his privilege, the Swaddle really makes a change and im all here for it
    thank you so so much Swaddle <3 keep growing forever and ever

  3. Honestly

    There is no way….
    Internet is still in its primitive stage not just for users but for the developers as well.
    We still need several decades of work to make it more safe…

    More so as far as I can see, internet is never going to be a healthy place for anybody.

  4. WTF?
    As long as there are no dangerous repercussions in real life, social media banter is fine. Women need to learn to fight online abuses hurled at them, to understand jokes, to ignore jokes, and to move on…

    This is no fairy world, it never was and never will be.

    -A fellow woman.

  5. i also had to shut down my ig accounts because someone relentlessly kept sending me inappropriate pictures, dms and edited pictures of me. i was 15 at the time and so scared. i didnt even post that many pictures or anything and my acc was also private. it was so confusing and horrifying to know someone i considered a friend would share my pictures with these sorts of people. its been 3 years now and i still cant seem to even install ig again. its relieving to see there are good people out there who would take these issues seriously

  6. The thing is I reported so many profiles on Instagram that were obviously picking pictures of girls from different profiles with a caption like "kesi dikh rhi hu".
    The Instagram gave my account warning for false reporting so many accounts !!!
    I was so pissed at that time, i told my friends about this and they were like so what we all know these are fake accounts reporting wouldn't make any difference and I'm wasting my time.

  7. Best thing I did, shut down every social media pages everything including messaging app ( continuing with old way, sms, email..) YouTube exception..

    Advantage is simple

    U never get fed any unnecessary content.. Zen mode begins to develop 😁

  8. try starting an Instagram Acount without giving zero info…without adding no one.. and take a look at your feed. its basically cheap soft porn.. that says a lot!!!!
    no search, no preferences and insta gives us pics and reels of 'hot girls' anyway

  9. This happened to me many times. I was in a WhatsApp group for a University project. I had my picture as my WhatsApp dp. A guy from the group started sending me p0rñ videos and i immediately blocked him. Like WTH. Second one: for the longest time I had some funny meme pic as my pfp, and one day changed it to my picture. I have no idea who this guy was, the moment I changed my picture, he came with the hi, hello messages . Till now, i still have funny pics as my profile picture. What is this life even?

  10. Honestly, I had somehow forecasted this and hence I never have had any accounts on social networking platforms as my privacy is very dear to me. I have to use whatsapp for official purpose but that again is without my pic as DP and FB and Instagram I hate the concept as any stranger can get access to you and your life

  11. Why do people have their personal information online? Nobody in the old days of the internet used to keep their irl information on their profiles. People didn't even know each other's real names. The number one thing you should avoid over the net is doxxing. There are plenty of examples in the gaming community where people ruin someone's else life due to envy, made possible only because they had their private information online.

  12. I was forced to exit Facebook because of the privacy thing. I had even protected my Dp in FB still the awkward messages came coming and even Instagram was also like that.
    I didn't knew my personal number got out without me knowing. Sometimes video calls started coming on messenger when I am in class. So I decided to stay away from FB and Instagram. Five years gone and I am only using normal text messages and changed my phone number four times too. Now I don't like clicking pictures of me and even my phone gallery seems empty. I have bought canon camera to capture moments and now I don't even bother about social media things.

  13. This is so good and to the point…even i myself having this dubious perception of sense of security online refrain from posting contents online …since you don't even know hom much safe it is or when and how somebody may misuse it..
    Great job the swaddle team …been your fan since very long

  14. This is so important! Honestly even posting this comment is "helpful to the algorithm," but it's a way in which we forget that we're putting valuable data out there, and therefore putting ourselves at risk. What a nightmare.

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