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STOP! Don't buy ANY Apple iPad right now!

Apple’s about to change the budget iPad FOREVER, with the biggest redesign it’s ever seen since the original iPad. Let me explain why you should NOT buy any iPad right now.
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48 thoughts on “STOP! Don't buy ANY Apple iPad right now!”

  1. A14 means no thunderbolt for sure, and low-end iPad will inevitably remain crippled to prevent iPad Air overlaps,
    if Apple releases new iPad Pro lineup too (and they might actually not), discounted iPad Pro 11 with M1, 120Hz pro-motion and thunderbolt remains as most future-proof deal imo

  2. I think the iPad Pro M2 is coming in April, May or June 2023 because Apple has a fixed date for them each year.
    It is just like what they did with the iPad Pro 2018.

  3. Came to this video to say: The new iPad isn't budget anymore, and the previous one (the one that was actually called budget) has gotten a terrible price increase.

    So yeah, conclusions: there aren't any budget iPads now to buy, the new one is a terrible value without a laminated display, with an uncomfortable Apple Pencil, only 64GB of storage and a price increase that now positions it at almost €600 in most european countries (incl. VAT).

  4. I read that the 10th generation will support the Apple Pencil of the 1st generation only. But that doesn't make sense, since the Apple Pencil 1st gen uses the lightning connector, but the iPad will have a USB-C connector. Does anyone have more info on that?

  5. it`s out now, price is a joke, at least in Germany… its 579€ with 64gb and wifi, compared to 379€ launchprice of gen 9. I guess they don`t really want to sell this device, but make it so unattractive that they can upsell on a better model. Really hope people are skipping this "upgrade", it is getting ridiculous. If they would at least start the device with 128gb… but nah… Apples business tactics are so fucked up, the EU should start sanctioning this shit… seriously it`s 2023 soon… 64gb is just fast electronic waste. End of rant.

  6. Don’t buy any iPad right now? Lol, worst advice ever, people who bought a M1 iPad pro and 9th gen iPad in the latest week,probably at a discounted price, have literally won.
    The M2 iPad Pro is an absolute joke of upgrade, and the 10th gen iPad is basically a downgraded 4th gen iPad Air at a huge price in Europe, GG Apple.

  7. so this call aged well. Max Tech had no idea what price gen 10 deal would land with. nobody outside of apple knew.

    so how does he know the Gen 10 is going to be the best value ever?

    like all clickbait channels, he could know and got it massively wrong. all deals with great new features are only great deals at a certain price. the hats actually the word Max Tech used and what the word means is an exchange of goods or services for money or other goods and services. bad deal.

  8. “The biggest budget iPad revolution we’ve ever seen.” You know, it really is a profile in courage that this video is still on Youtube. Gotta love Apple not just for the new, absolutely staggeringly appalling iPad 10 and iPad Pros, but for the free egg we’re now wearing on our faces. Thanks Tim!

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