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Stop Waiting For a Seat at the Table & Build Your OWN // make your own opportunities

what should you do if someone doesn’t give you an opportunity? stop waiting for a seat at the table and build your own. Don’t wait for someone to offer you an opportunity, make your own opportunities. Black Girl Creatives, We’ll be waiting forever for folks to give you your deserved seat at the table. overcome your creative blocks by going your own way,

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47 thoughts on “Stop Waiting For a Seat at the Table & Build Your OWN // make your own opportunities”

  1. I hope blks are going more for the direction to create our own table. Cause I'm ready to give up on our community just cause they have to live, talk, dress, act, and think like white people

  2. I see you advocating for breaking that generation curse of crabs in a barrel. We fell for the fallacy that there could only be one, not. This was another timely message, and I hope we receive it.

  3. As mentioned I had a "gatekeeper" bring me on-board for a collaborative [while I was trained to support her business, SHE also suggested I'd be the in-house consultant for my specialization]. Jealous. We graduated from the same school…but she slowly began picking me apart, tryna see how I tick. Incredulous at how my Black azz could have/be the things I was. Her vibe would change around clients as she tried to assert herself over me …started treating me like an Ethiopian Maid. Anything I did, she'd call me timid or uncomfortable with the work (when I was truly hyped about the gig). She pretty much tried to set me up for failure & when I finally spoke up & set her straight..2 days later she said a new employee wasn't in her budget. 🙄 I'd already received full training to run the entire joint.

  4. Thank you for this video. I am a black female comic artist, and I fan tell you I haven't ran intp another black female artist without having to jump througj hopes online… and even than still only like one or two…

  5. Thank you for another well crafted timely video! Building our own table is so damn important not just for us but for future Black girls coming behind us. I can’t lie and say that it’s not exhausting or emotionally taxing. But I will say, it takes the same amount of energy to integrate into spaces not made by us as it does to create spaces by US for US.

    In terms of creating my own table… I’m currently a 4th year doctoral student focusing on black girlhood and in MA specifically, I noticed Blac girls are not centered in academic discourse, non profit programming or how to engage them in youth work. So my goal is to build a safe space for young Black girls to amplify and uplift their voices, stories. I’m in my early stages of theorizing it but it will happen. A space created by us for us

  6. I have a self development blog called Bold Beginners. I would love to talk to you about your photography journey and your view on work on my podcast if you’re interested ! I am a rather new listener but I get excited everytime I see a upcoming notification ❤

  7. YES! "Even if they let you at the table, they'll only let you eat a certain amount of things" Definitely. There's always so much power in your videos, this truly resonates.

  8. You are so right about artists not having freedom on labels, and sacrificing that freedom for their wealth. But I also found out ( through another Black female artist who was signed to a label) that artists don't even have that much freedom with what to do with their MONEY! This is why celebrity net worths that are flaunted in the media shouldn't be believed. To make it even worse, the more money you make, the more people appear in your life to control you. Is it really worth being an artist worth $500 million when you can barely control your life let alone the money you make? I mean, hell, they can't even donate to the charities they want. They have to do everything the "elites" (I hate calling them that) and the Powers that Be say and be everything they tell them to be to keep that millionaire or even "billionaire" status. Just give me $50k a year, if that means I'll have a little more freedom to live my life to the fullest and be who I want to be!

  9. I have been looking for jobs and I have been getting rejection after rejection 😅. I love food photography and videos. It is about time to start a YouTube channel and start showing the world that I value as well. Prayers will be appreciated…..I don’t have a community to join. Would someone direct me to the right group??

  10. Thanks for mentioning black people that grew up in the burbs – We Exist and need representation.

    I 1000% agree with building own everything. Once we empower us, they will understand our power. We are the culture. We are everything.

  11. Preach!!! Teach!!! You hit the nail on the head with one!!! This is another fantastic message. Keep them coming. These messages are so needed and have exceptional value. Continue to be blessed.😁

  12. Girl I love your message. I love my job because it’s in the cannabis industry but I hate how they play me ( one of their best and creative employees) like I’m only allowed to go so far meanwhile handing opportunities to all the ytees right so for example me and my husband (he used to work there) we’ve came up with countless creative ideas given them our creative content and instead of fostering a career path for us to move up and help the company grow instead they take our ideas and use of creative property and then toss us off to the side and let one of their own take it from there and whitewash it to their own preferences right. It’s crazy girl. But that’s what I get for moving to the middle of nowhere I guess. So anyways instead of making content for them, I make my own videos on my own YouTube channel. And my husband is starting his own business 🎉💁🏽‍♀️✨

  13. Creating my own table has been, by far, the best gift I have ever given to myself. It’s honestly where I have culminated all of my artistic influences and made it my own. 100% recommend and I would LOVE to share my knowledge on your podcast if you ever want guests!

  14. Imagine how different our lives would look if more of us unlearned the conformity and adaptations we have had to make to survive. I want to LIVE and once I feel like I'm stifling a part of me to be accepted I know my environment is not right. It's never wrong to listen to this instinct. Thanks for reaffirming!

  15. Thank you Queen! Very inspiring! I’m a mental health and substance abuse therapist and I was just speaking with a colleague about starting our own foundation. This vid will live rent free in my head for sure! I wish you and other entrepreneurs much prosperity, happiness, and peace! Love you! ❤️

  16. Love this! I'm in publishing and I've been working on creating my own table. It's definitely tough, but rewarding when I have my own plans and future in my hands instead of a publisher. I've worked with them before and it's felt like a constant headache and creatively suffocating. Love this message so much! 😊❣😊

  17. Your message is right on point 🎯, as usual. For years I’ve been saying EVERYTHING IS MADE UP!!! EVERYTHING!!! When I started to apply that concept, I realized just how much we’re waiting for permission to be seen/accepted. For someone to see us as “worthy” or “qualified.” It’s why I started writing books & making short films with no “formal” education. Begging for funding/access just doesn’t sit right in my spirit. I let my gifts guide me & really don’t care about receiving the recognition that most folks aspire to. I haven’t watched an award show in prolly 10+ years because I DON’T CARE‼️

  18. This is so good! God + you = the majority. If creative people waited around for other people's permission to do things, they would be waiting forever. The only permission we need is the fact that our dreams & ideas are alive in our hearts & minds & we are blessed with breath & strength to accomplish those things.

    Also, I learned this year that "anger" & "rage" are two different things. I was abused when I was growing up and as a result, I was conditioned to suppress my emotions of anger because "anger" was not safe to express to my abusers. Abusers (whether they are abusing an individual person or an entire group or culture of people) will shame/ threaten their victims into suppressing their natural response of anger (which is our God-given warning signal to protect ourselves & others) so they can continue to abuse. I was also afraid of feeling angry when I was younger because I was terrified of the rage I witnessed. Rage is out of control & destructive, but healthy anger protects & can inspire change & also motivate the actions necessary to make those changes our new reality.

    Your channel has been such a blessing to me this year! 🙏
    Best wishes & keep on doing all the things! 💖

  19. People have to first admit this is a slave system. They make money off our talent. The fact that we can’t live off our own talent and creations shows that it’s an exploitative system. The talentless people at the top get all the money while we do all the creative work. There’s no justification for this. I stopped working in any “industry” and started doing things on my own. Everybody deserves to own and control their own creations. It’s ridiculous that we’ve been conditioned to think we can’t. I’m also ratchet in the sense that I dress and do what I want. Behavioral control and judgement has never been about improving society.

  20. The other thing I’ve found helpful is to remember that society is a joke. I don’t take any of their narratives seriously. I believe educated and suburban Black folks have suffered the most from the anti black programming. Education is nothing but indoctrination into systems of white supremacy. Rejecting white society means that they feel without a home, because the system has already tried to “elevate” them over the common Black folk. In reality, Western society is a cancer to the planet. It’s imminent collapse can’t come soon enough.

  21. Love it!!! I swear your like my twin when it comes to thinking I have no problem changing the rules cause I know my worth and I will make my dreams come true!!! Waiting to carry the torch and hand it over to my fellow sister and brother and together we can unity to make change happen cause we are some of the mostly talented and intelligent people so we need to definitely come together and make it happen !!! Look back at our ancestors they worked together and made change for us and we need to continue even though other put obstacles and challenges toward us but that’s a part of life which makes our story differ and unique!!! Keep shining beloved love your work 😍👏

  22. I enjoy your perspective my sister. From what I'm seeing there's a huge appetite for ANYTHING Black or coming from Black souls, from our people. The aesthetics alone is magnetic. The winds and waves are fake it's go time!
    Im confident that whatever you feel in your heart to manifest, in this environment, will definitely be a welcomed blessing.
    Whether individually or for business we're undeserved and that void can only be filled by us.
    We're not servicing ourselves. Not only do we need to build tables we have millions of tables missing.

    I love your point on Equality vs Equity. No way will we achieve equality or reach a leveled playing field without being intentional.
    It's impossible to go forward equally and expect that amount of equality to balance out. That's like having a drag race and both cars go at
    150mph but one car had a mile head start.
    No we have to use an intentional accelerant.
    Either that car slow down and go head up or that car can't get mad when we see our wheels fold into the body of the car and we fly pass them at 500mph and ain't trynna stop or be fair atal

  23. This is another awesome topic! Creating your own table is so important. We are waiting for someone to tell us we are valuable! I love creating our on table and knowing our worth and demand it.

  24. I want to create a space for black movies and tv shows that tell beautiful black stories that don’t stems from slavery, drugs, abuse and stereotypes. We have enough of that and I want to do something different like sci-fi, action, and create positive smart characters that younger generations can look up to or see themselves as that. I’ve been wanting to do this since childhood but it seemed like the industry only wants to support black pain. There are other creators out there that create these but they aren’t celebrated as much. I’ve decided to build my own table and create the stories that I want my son to see. To see himself as a successful scientist etc. tv shows about friendship and love amongst teenagers and less drama and crap. Of course there will be some drama but not the typical stereotypes.

  25. Thank you! I've focused on leadership and service for many years, but my ultimate life goal is to give something beautiful to the world using creativity and art. I recently joined a choir after putting music/the arts to the side while pursuing higher education and intensive leadership and service. Thankfully, God has removed the grace I had for certain activities and my season of leadership/service and higher education are over, or close to being over. I will focus on other gifts as well as building my own tables.

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