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Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites to Learn From

In this video, you’ll learn about some affiliate marketing websites that are absolutely crushing it. Learn how these sites get tons of traffic and generate millions of dollars in revenue.

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Let’s take a deeper look at these sites and the things they do to succeed.

The first site is a data company that provides free tools and information on Amazon product prices. Ahrefs Site Explorer says this website gets an estimated 1.4 million monthly organic visits.

Want to learn how to achieve such results? Watch the video.

The next affiliate site example is recipes website. More specifically, it’s a niche affiliate site about BBQ and grilling, with thousands of reviews on products and even their own product line. This website gets around 1.3 million monthly organic visits.

Watch the video to learn more about this site.

The next affiliate site example is a forum where people share about hot deals they’ve found. What makes the website unique is that all content and affiliate links are user-generated.

Learn how they’ve managed to streamline the content generation process from this video.

The final affiliate site example is in the fitness niche, which specializes in hands-on reviews of various fitness products. This site gets around 750,000 monthly organic visits. The way they generate 10% of their traffic is through a very unique SEO tactic that’s paid off.

Want to learn more about how they scaled their amount of traffic? Watch the video.


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29 thoughts on “Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites to Learn From”

  1. Video is so awesome…
    I have a question that are you feacing deindexing issue or indexing issue beacause i faced the issue from 5 days article are going deindex, i don't know why? please can you help me to overcome.

  2. Your closing statement is perfect. Google is going to have to do something about all of the trash sites that dominate the first few SERPs for so many things – "Best XYZ product [2023]." Most of these sites steal pictures from Amazon, summarize the Amazon reviews, and have never bought—much less used—the products they're "writing" about. It's not just small bloggers following a "course" they saw on YouTube doing this either. What used to be trusted resources (for some) do it, too; like Popular Mechanics, NY Times, CNN, CNET… it's a review cesspool out there now. What's worse, lots of bloggers are now turning to AI tools like Chat GPT to write even more crap that they never verify to be true. #theinternetisbroken

  3. @ahrefs Can you do something like affiliate beginner offer for $49 to include keyword explorer and site explorer. All affiliate and content business beginners want to have ahrefs on their way, but the current price is so high for beginners.

  4. Nice list, please do a round 2 video on this subject, it's very interesting! Also, just a quick feedback: there is a lot of echo in the audio, you should try to get the microphone closer to your mouth when talking.

  5. Hi Sam,

    I love your videos as it is insightful and to the point. However, I would like to start learning Affiliated Program techniques being a beginner. Could you please guide me which playlist of yours do I need to follow for the beginners' guide? Keep making great videos…. 🙂

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