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Supporting Employees Through Company Growth – Neil Patel

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When your company experiences growth, it’s important to understand how your role might shift.

Before, you might have just been a scrappy entrepreneur. But now, you realize that your company is run by everyone. It’s essentially an independent organization, and your employees aren’t really your employees anymore.

One shift you have to make as you grow is to accept the fact that it will no longer be possible for you to personally know everyone who works for the company.

This transition is easier when you recognize that there are still ways to support employees. Even if you never connect personally.

For example, if you hear someone in your company starts a GoFundMe to help with an emergency, you can support them—even if you do it anonymously.

As you grow, remember that there will always be ways to show your team that you care.

Featuring Neil Patel on Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn – Episode 561

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