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The 13 BEST Side Hustles To Start (at EVERY AGE)

So today let’s talk about the 13 best side hustles you can start at every age. Having side hustles gave me an extra income on top of my normal job that allowed me to save and invest a lot more money to create passive income than would have been possible from just a 9-5 job.
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LEVEL 1: This is when you are 13 to 16 years old. My side hustle target for this age was: $50-$150 per month. At this level you don’t have a lot of money so it’s all about side hustles with very little up front costs.

Side Hustle Idea #1: Starting a service based business. These are the little jobs no one really wants to do. so if you have good pricing and a great service you will get lots of customers, all you have to do is go out knocking on doors to find them!

Side Hustle Idea #2: Selling candy at school. A boy actually did this in the UK and was making over 50K per year! Wherever there is a demand, money can be made and at school there is always a demand for candy. You may have to check if this is allowed at your school but I didn’t I just got on with it.

Side Hustle Idea #3: Become a sports referee. This is a great side hustle as you are paid to stay fit, it keeps you mentally strong, as you have to make decisions quickly and you get to meet lots of interesting people. You can start at 14 and expect to make around $16 a game which isn’t too bad at all!

LEVEL 2: This is when you are between the ages of 16 and 18. My side hustle target for this age was $250-$400 per month.

Side Hustle Idea #4: Become a tutor. If you aren’t great at school like me you may think that this option isn’t for you, then you don’t have to just teach school subjects.

Side Hustle Idea #5: Sell an extra add-on service. With any tutoring side hustle the money is limited to the amount of clients you can get and most of them only want an hour of your time. So it’s a good idea to find a way to sell something of value to your clients as well.

Side Hustle Idea #6: Dropshipping and it’s great for anyone that is good with computers and the internet.

Side Hustle Idea #7: Start a YouTube channel. It’s very competitive and it will force you to level up your video production and marketing skills!

LEVEL 3: This is between the ages of 18 and 29. My side hustle target for this age was $800 to $1.2k per month.

Side Hustle Idea #8: Selling your own products online. This would require you designing and manufacturing your own products but with your dropshipping knowledge the marketing should be easier!

Side Hustle Idea #9: Do social media marketing for other businesses. You can get paid a lot for helping businesses with their social media marketing as just by hiring you they are actually making more money instead of losing it.

Side Hustle Idea #10: Become a freelancer (graphic designer, photographer or videographer). A big market that comes to mind is wedding videos.

Side Hustle Idea #11: House Hacking. Save up for a downpayment on a Duplex house and getting a mortgage. A duplex has 2 separate living areas and the idea is that you are able to rent out one side of the house and live in the other.

LEVEL 4: This is from 30 upwards, my aim was to to shift my side hustles to make more passive income.

Side Hustle Idea #12: Rental Property, to this day it is one of my biggest passive income sources. It may take a bit of renovating to begin with but after that you are able to sit back and just manage the property.

Side Hustle Idea #13: Coaching others. At 30+ you will have gained lots of knowledge that is valuable . This could be anything!

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  2. 2.37 for people that would take a risk and have a bit bigger money to work with i reccomend lending out your money but they have to give you 10%more back since i am the only one how give money to their classmates its a jackpot for me

  3. I’m 14 and a (European) football ref and I’m here to say that you can make a lot more than $16 a match, the money you get depends on the age group but to ref U11s (10 year olds matched is £28 a match. If anyone has good footie knowledge it is a very good source of income.

  4. I have had to side hustles the first one was selling candy and the one that I’m currently doing is oil change my grandpa showed me how to do it I also like cars and one hope to get in to formula one as a engineer .Im 12th grade.also I really like your videos

  5. I'm 15, almost 16, and I'm gonna sign up for a welding course for my last 2 years of high-school. Should I weld as a side hustle and if so how much should I charge for each job? It would cost a lot of money at first because I would need to buy a welder and the proper safety equipment but I feel like it would pay itself off fairly quickly. I'm looking into doing it as a job after high-school as well, so the extra experience would be good.

  6. So. 54 and thoroughly confused by all these options. Where does one get money for rental properties? No banks here will loan to buy anything unless you’re already making a ton of money. If you’ve no experience in owning rental properties then they won’t loan either.

  7. The thing about the YouTube is that you can just post relaxing sounds or something and then you get like a couple million views per one which every million is like $1,000

  8. Hi Mark I don't know if you will see this but if you do I just wanted to say hi I'm 10 and I have started making an editing business do you have any tips? I love your videos especially your shots keep going thanks for your time.

  9. I always remember a guy from school called Chris Ramsey. He used to buy cheap cigarettes (£3 for 20) and sell them at school for 25p each (£5). A lot of people did that but it always stuck with me when I heard he had other kids selling them for him for the wage of two cigarettes a packet. 50% profit for someone else doing the work, that stuck with me.

  10. I live in a tiny town in USA. I have bad add and have a hard time keeps Ng a job . But I work hard af and busy my ass hard. Constantly .I just need a job that's labor intensive or one I can work for my self .

  11. I’d like to say one VERY fun side hustle that you and others will
    Enjoy is selling sodas at school. Go out and buy like 4, 24 packs for 8 -10 bucks and sell them a dollar each at school. Post on Snapchat and Instagram stories about it and bring 10-15 to school each day. I always sell out and it’s an easy 50+ dollars a week just going to school. Also VERY fun!!

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