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The 700 Club – January 20, 2023

0:00 – Introduction
00:02 – News Start
7:34 – Financial Story_1
12:21 – Financial Story_2
21:33 – Financial Story_3
30:29 – Humanitarian Story_1
34:15 – Humanitarian Story_2
38:37- Financial Story_4
43:33 – Humanitarian Story_3
46:43 – Humanitarian Story_4
51:30 – Humanitarian Story_5
54:04 – Humanitarian Story_6

When Rosalie and her husband, Alan, purchased a commercial building, they had high hopes until they uncovered major issues. The investment drained their finances, and the building sat uninhabited for nine years. Their financial troubles deepened after Rosalie got carpal tunnel syndrome and had to retire from her job. Hopelessness set in until Rosalie received a phone call with a timely message from God.

Plus, Ruijie’s parents did everything they could to help their baby girl, but the hole in her heart continued to cause massive problems. When the hole grew, Ruijie needed surgery or else she would die. But thanks to caring CBN partners, Ruijie had a miracle in store.

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17 thoughts on “The 700 Club – January 20, 2023”

  1. So the Deep State show that makes money off of war & disasters wants us to pay them a thousand dollars a year to guilt us into taking more harmful chemicals into our bodies & give the rest of our money to fight Deep State Globalist wars they can profit off of while forming a new world order where it controls all the governments of the free world. Nice, deal huh?

  2. India they are setting up an anti conversion bill. So if you get caught converting a person to a Christian Faith you can get jail, and not get bail ever. So you will be put in jail for life.

  3. Please Jesus come back soon. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. God please give me the strength to keep supporting myself and my two autistic children. My boys require a lot from me because they are special needs. Due to them having issues in school, I’m now homeschooling them. I’m a single mother. I’m overwhelmed. I lost my job at Forsyth hospital because I declined the vaccine. I have heart disease and I suffer from lupus that’s the major reason why I declined the vaccine. I’m waitressing and I’m grateful but I’m not making enough to make ends meet. Bills are piling up and I can barely afford groceries for my children. I feel like a failure. Every month is a struggle, and now that I’m homeschooling them my schedule is limited. I’m so overwhelmed and ashamed. But God’s gives me strength. I get harassed and bullied on this app for sharing my testimony and for asking for prayers but prayers are all I NEED. As christians we must have compassion towards one another. BUT! Even as I struggle! I keep faith in God. He is the God of possible! I HAVE FAITH HE WILL PROVIDE! He has this far. THANK YOU JESUS!

  4. If we need energy that will save us trillions of dollars, would God hide it and then show it to us now, to prove He is real and Loves us? Why yes He would and told us in Isaiah 48:5-7 that He would create it now and not from the beginning. Before it comes to pass, He would tell us of it. I am trying to show it, but we have all been told, you cannot create more energy, that that used to create it. God said, He would create it now and before we see it, He will tell us of it. I am telling you, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or even think. He is able to say it works and when we do, He will do it. As they used to say in Vietnam hide and watch! God will show up and show off, in Jesus name; Amen Love in Christ Jesus; Bill

  5. I haven’t given yet but will. I cannot use my cel phone to give or even do it on line, as I have a neighbor who will me a charge on my card, when I use my debit or credit card on my cel phone. I have to get new cards once I use my cel phone. I have an envelope somewhere and will find it and send a monthly gift! Love in Christ Jesus, Amen

  6. If God can bring hundreds of billions of dollars into His ministries, shouldn’t His people want it? This isn’t about me, but what He wants His people to show, He is real and this is answered prayer for those needing exceeding abundant Blessings. I have enough for me.
    I should already be listed and you can send me a letter, to give by electronic deduction on my debit card!

  7. Your program is only about politics and telling people if they give give give they will get a blessing But how much do you really give to the needy? And when you do you help other countries way more then you help the US!

  8. That is NOT TRUE about ERITREA. I don't know any other country that acknowledge Christianity and Moslem like in Eritrea. In almost next street there is a church OPEN. We celebrate our Christmas, Easter… Openly in the streets. I am a new born Christian. And I got biptized in masawa in November 2019. So please get your information, correctly. I love watching CBN. but wrong Infos like this

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