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The A.I. Revolution: 6.5 BEST Ways To Get Rich

Today we’re talking about the 6.5 BEST Ways To Use A.I. To Get Rich, because the artificial intelligence revolution is coming and if you don’t adapt, you’ll be replaced.
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28 thoughts on “The A.I. Revolution: 6.5 BEST Ways To Get Rich”

  1. you aren't "creating" anything with an AI, and eveeeeeryone else can do whatever you're trying to do with ai, too. No one's making fitness plans or dropshipping courses with AI and selling them when literally everyone can, atleast not for long.

  2. Hey mark! I am 15 and have a 3d printing business, that is going well, but I don't know how to scale it. I had about 300$ Turnover last month but I strongly rely on facebook marketplace and can't seem to break through the area of selling 3-5 Items a week. I want to build a reputation and brand but it's difficult because the rating system is a bit broken here and I can't get any reviews. What would you recommend I do?

  3. Mark I'm warning you your wealth is in danger. Read There's a Gulag in Your Future by Eustace Mullins. Your advice is excellent and sincere but there isn't much time left before an all encompasing communist take down.

  4. Your scriptwriter seems to be confusing AI with automation. Although, they aren't mutually exclusive. The examples you gave in your videos clearly indication automation and not AI. ChatGPT in its essentials isn't AI either.

    Tesla isn't an AI company either. Their marketing might want you to believe they are, but no.

  5. Hi Mark, my dad is Justin Wells, I told him i was subscribed to you and he remembered you from model flying. He just wanted to say hi and what a small world it is! He never knew you were popular on social media.

  6. These money making tactics are all well and good. But A.I taking over human jobs is terrifying and could mean the economy slowly collapsing this way. Think it like this every CEO on Earth has a workforce of robots. And these robots aren't paid but people who were fired would lose money over time because they would still spend it on essentials. This would lead into companies which aren't essential- based would have reduced sales. In the end when all the money is spent no more money is being spread around the economy since collapsing business and a reduced amount of people spending their money.
    Anyways, Thank you for the video , Mark

  7. As someone who is passionate about lifting, I can tell you that workout plan is bullshit. Doing a nonspecific cardio warmup before squats does not prepare you to squat. Squatting without a barbell also won't do anything for you.

  8. Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make Mistake but they don’t quit… As the economic crisis keep rising, we literally need to have different streams of income. The crypto market has plenty opportunities to earn a decent Payouts with the right skills and proper Understanding of how the market works.

  9. Hello I'm 16 I really want to be the one to make my family rich so we can enjoy our time without stressing out too much

    I have several problems in starting with everything
    How can I make some good active income then turn it into passive income
    What should be my goals when I reach 10k
    Or even 1million

    How do I actually invest because investing into rental properties seem like an option but you have to get there first and the returns are visible after +20 years

    The stock market seems like a good opportunity too but it also takes good years to achieve millions and if I achieve those millions what should I do with them to increase my portfolio even more

    Thank you a lot ❤️

  10. I would be retiring or working less in 5 years and I just want to know best how people split their pay, how much of it goes into savings, spending or investments. I earn around $165K per year but nothing to show for it yet.

  11. The sound you hear at 4:54 hurts my ears. I suppose it is the same sound which you hear when the name of the next way to get rich appears but this is louder so it sounds worse that the other one (which also doesn't sound good, al least to me)

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