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Home » The Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mystery | Neil Armstrong | Dhruv Rathee

The Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mystery | Neil Armstrong | Dhruv Rathee

The Apollo 11 Moon mission is one of the most remarkable events in the history of mankind. It is when Neil Armstrong went to the moon and achieved a milestone of becoming the first person to do so. But do you know that there are some claims that also say that all this never happened, and everything about the apollo 11 is just a hoax? Watch this video by Dhruv Rathee to find out the reality of the Apollo 11 moon mission as he deep dives into the mission from its inception to its end.

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41 thoughts on “The Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mystery | Neil Armstrong | Dhruv Rathee”

  1. main nahi manta ki chaand per koi gaya hai kyonki aaj tak koi bhi aisi khoj, ya avishkar aisa nahi hua jo dobara nahi hua jabki aaj jayada resources hai isko toh thoda bhi science samjhne wala nahi manega itna bada mission dobara nahi hua

  2. Moon on which to step on they spent trillions of dollars
    It was a miracle of my prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that he splited the moon with just one signal
    I believe there is no GOD but ALLAH and prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is HIS prophet and last messanger.
    May ALLAH help non Muslims to learn Islam and enter in peace..aameen

  3. Misguiding title I must say. We already know what happened that but I wanted to know why you think it was debunked when there is some strong proof that it was fake….

  4. मेरे मन में एक सवाल है-
    Apollo 11 को केवल साढे 4 दिन चांद पर जाने में लगे।
    वहीं चन्द्रयान 2 को 4 महीने।

  5. Thank you for explaining things so nicely that in really never happened. If happen then astronauts should have left most of their Equipements which they can leave behind there to reduce the weight as the module was having only 5 % fuel left. But they never did because it never happened.

  6. Jitni badi kahani bana lo its very simple
    Aaj tak koi bhi chaand pe nahi gaya hai lol
    They went in 1969 but they can't land in 2023 🤣🤣🤣
    Waving Flag
    No stars
    Even Neil Armstrong was Disappeared after the Event

  7. Sorry Dhruv aapne thk se research nahi kiya..
    1) because of atmospheric pressure u can’t move your fingers freely
    2) though moon doesn’t have any ozone layer nor atmosphere u can’t survive from radiation..n u can’t click pictures so clear ..
    3) rocket landed bt no dust removed..u can easily see their footprints near the rocket..

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